Joomla 4 (5) tutorial for beginners with no coding

Build a website from scratch (relevant for Joomla 4, 5)
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Installing a local server (XAMPP).
Installing Joomla 4.
Installation of a free Joomla template and extensions.
Creating pages in the SP Page Builder (content constructor).
Creation of a blog, pages "Contacts", "Portfolio", "Gallery" and so on.


  • You don't have to be a programmer or a designer. Basic computer skills are required (using a browser, creating folders, and so on).


In this series of video tutorials, we will learn how to build a website from scratch on Joomla 4. In the video tutorials, we will use only free extensions. We will use free Helix Ultimate template. Some pages will be created using SP Page Builder 4 Lite.

At the end of video tutorials, you will get a business website with responsive design, portfolio and blog.

The information is almost entirely up to date for Joomla 5 (note added on October 21, 2023).

Video tutorials №1-6. Table of contents

Joomla tutorial for beginners (part 1). How to build a website from scratch.

  • What you need to do before building a website – 00:01:27.

  • XAMPP local server installing – 00:03:06.

  • Joomla 4 downloading – 00:04:42.

  • XAMPP launch – 00:05:51.

  • Joomla 4 installing – 00:06:34.

  • Use URL Rewriting («.htaccess» file) – 00:09:17.

  • How to change Joomla username or password – 00:10:21.

  • How to backup Joomla site without XAMPP – 00:10:53.

  • How to backup Joomla site with XAMPP – 00:12:14.

  • How to move XAMPP to another folder or drive – 00:13:01.

Joomla tutorial for beginners (part 2). How to make a website from scratch.

  • How to start XAMPP and login to Joomla admin panel – 00:00:53.

  • Joomla 4 template installing – 00:01:53.

  • Joomla 4 extensions installing – 00:02:49.

  • Joomla menu creating – 00:04:41.

  • Helix ultimate setting up and header creating – 00:05:3

  • Footer creating (working with Joomla modules) – 00:13:14.

  • Preview module positions – 00:14:27.

  • SP Easy Image Gallery – 00:18:01.

  • Generating thumbnails error on XAMPP – 00:18:56.

Joomla guide for beginner (part 3). SP Page Builder tutorial.

  • Creating a menu item – 00:01:16.

  • Joomla SP Page Builder tutorial (creating a homepage) – 00:02:18.

  • Checking the page on a mobile device – 00:20:21.

Joomla 4 tutorial (part 4). How to make your own website from scratch.

  • «About us» page – 00:00:34.

  • Page title (alternative title) – 00:11:29.

  • Breadcrumbs module – 00:12:04.

  • «Gallery» page – 00:12:57.

  • «Portfolio» page – 00:15:54.

Joomla tutorial for beginners (part 5). How to build a website from scratch for free.

  • «Contact» page – 00:00:45.

  • Joomla email settings (SMTP) – 00:04:24.

  • Google map – 00:08:37.

Joomla manual for beginners (part 6). How to develop a website from scratch.

  • Articles categories – 00:00:30.

  • Article creation – 00:01:12.

  • «Category Blog» menu item type – 00:02:50.

  • «Category Blog» layout – 00:05:26.

  • YouTube video in Joomla 4 article – 00:06:20.

  • Comments – 00:09:06.

  • Social network sharing buttons – 00:10:48.

  • «Articles - Latest» module in footer – 00:15:2

  • Adding links to the main page – 00:16:40.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginning webmasters


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Hello, my name is Aleksej Khoroshevskij. I was born in Kharkiv (Ukraine) and I live there.

Since about 2008 to the present day, I have been developing websites on Joomla and WebSite X5. I also provide services in their modernization, SEO promotion, PPC advertising (Ads), protection against hacking and website speed up.

In 2009, I graduated from Kharkiv National Economic University (Faculty of Economic Informatics) with a degree in Computerized Technologies and Systems of Publishing and Printing Production (Master's degree). In 2015 I defended the dissertation (PhD) in speciality of Information Technology at Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (name on diploma - Khoroshevskyi Oleksii Ihorovych, taking into account the spelling of the name in Ukrainian). The dissertation was devoted to Web-to-print based on Joomla.

At the graduate school and after graduation, I taught disciplines related to multimedia publications and printing (laboratory works, practical works, term papers and theses).

I have a blog since 2010. There are also other personal projects. I do everything myself: starting from the idea to implementation, analysis and modernization.

I write blog posts myself. In addition, I post my own interfaces translations of various Joomla extensions in Russian and Ukrainian.

I have been freelancing since 2014: mainly developing websites and online stores on Joomla.

In 2015, I opened a YouTube channel and began selling my WebSite X5 video tutorials in the Russian language. In 2016, I released another paid video tutorials in the Russian language, and in 2019 - in English (I also started blogging in English). I am one of the moderators of the WebSite X5 technical support forum.

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