Joomla Frontend Management Professional
2.9 (4 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Joomla Frontend Management Professional

How to Manage Joomla 3 Frontend
2.9 (4 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
28 students enrolled
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  • 9 hours on-demand video
  • 4 articles
  • 2 downloadable resources
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  • Certificate of Completion
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What you'll learn
  • You will master Joomla frontend
  • You will learn how to perform tasks without being a Joomla administrator
  • How to prepare Joomla for a client/ end user
  • Automate content creation/ presentation
  • How to utilise Joomla modules and maximise user experience
  • Understand viewing access levels and backend permissions
Course content
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+ Introduction
6 lectures 56:23

This course presents how you can manage Joomla Content Management System using the Frontend AND prepare the backend permitting access for end users/ clients.

You will learn how to login to Joomla frontend, edit and modify existing articles, submit new articles and how to configure your site so that fresh content appear automatically in the appropriate section.

Imagine allowing your client to master their website; saving you (the developer) time and money.

Preview 08:44

Introducing Joomla Content Management System. What is the key difference between static pages and a Content Management System? What can I achieve using Joomla as my CMS?

Joomla 101, what is a Content Management System

How to create a cloud instance of Joomla CMS in seconds

  • Launch a fully functional Joomla website via
  • Activate your cloud account
  • Login to your hosting panel
  • Visit your website
  • Administer your Joomla website

Do you have a tablet? Then you can launch a cloud instance of Joomla.

In the next lessons I present how to install Joomla into your local Windows Computer/laptop. If you rely on a tablet you may skip the next lessons.

I would advise to go through the lessons just to understand the process; you never know, maybe at some point you will need to create a portable /local version of your Joomla website.

Preview 08:56

In this lesson we are going to transform your computer to a web server. To achieve our goal we need to install (for a Windows OS) a WAMP suite. 

WAMP, Stands for "Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP." WAMP is a variation of LAMP for Windows systems and is often installed as a software bundle (Apache, MySQL, and PHP). It is often used for web development and internal testing, but may also be used to serve live websites.

The most important part of the WAMP package is Apache (or "Apache HTTP Server") which is used run the web server within Windows. By running a local Apache web server on a Windows machine, a web developer can test webpages in a web browser without publishing them live on the Internet.


Installing UniServer Zero WAMP Suite

In this lesson we learn about two key processes that initiate as soon as I start my Apache service and MySQL service.

  • Apache process
  • MySQL process
  • How to stop our controller
UniController, behind the scenes

Well you will say, if I can launch a cloud instance in seconds then why spending time and effort setting-up a localhost web server?

Why I need a WAMP, local host?
+ Installing Joomla Content Management System
3 lectures 49:08

Using our UniServer Controller, key options

  • Apache Server, key configuration options
  • MySQL Database, how to create a database
  • PHPMyAdmin, how to enable an additional PHP moduke
Exploring WAMP UniServer Controller

This is a hands-on lesson where we create a new database in order to install our Joomla CMS

  • PHPMyAdmin how to create a new database
  • PHPMyAdmin creating a restricted user for our database
  • Using UniServer Zero controller to create a restricted MySQL user
Creating a Joomla database. How to use PHPMyAdmin

Learn how to install Joomla to your local computer. 

  • Download and extract Joomla
  • Initiate Joomla installation script
  • How to Install sample data
  • Connect to your Joomla database
  • Removing the Joomla installation folder
  • Completing Joomla installation
Download, extract and install Joomla

Check your knowledge about Content management Systems, WAMP and Joomla

WAMP, Joomla and CMSystems
6 questions
+ Creating our first Joomla website
8 lectures 02:04:52

What is a Joomla Template?
Why do we need a template?
What is a template layout?
How can we utilise our template?

Templates and Layouts

Installing a (free) professional Joomla template

  • download Helix3
  • Install helix 3 in our Joomla website
  • Exploring our template
  • Using the Quick Start Pack (fresh Joomla installation including the template)
Helix3 Professional Template
What is a module and when we should use one

Checklist to install a fresh (90 days trial) Joomla website with a (free) professional template and a Page Builder. 

  • How to extend our Joomla website and install a professional template
  • How to check the layout for our new template
  • Fundamentals about modules - How to utilise our Template 
Checklist of key Learnings

Joomla Modules - Practice Activity

  • Learn how to create new Modules and how to "position" them
  • How to find the names of available template positions
  • How to hide the default Joomla templates
  • How to add an image as a Joomla page header
Practice Activity: Using Modules 1/2

Learn how to create a three column services section

  • Create a new module using our Page Builder
  • Create a "feature" box using a font awesome icon 
  • Customising our services section - how to add a background color
  • Duplicate /clone our feature box
Practice Activity: Using Modules 2/2

Joomla Page Builders

  • Most popular Joomla Page Builders
  • Creating a new Page using our Builder
  • Assign a menu with an existing Page
  • Create a new module based in our Page Builder
  • How to display a Page in a specific position/ webpage
Page Builders - Create a new webpage

Many students ask me to recommend free Joomla extensions. So I decided to write down some of the extensions that I personally find handy. 

To my knowledge mentioned extensions are free to use. Most developers offer a paid version with either advanced functionality or with support.

Resources - Recommended Joomla extentions
+ Structure our Joomla CMS
4 lectures 01:10:09

Learn about Joomla Categories and how to structure our content into sections.

  • What is a Category? Why and when we need to create categories
  • How to group articles into categories
  • How to re-order our categories
  • How to select a category when creating an article
  • How to change the category for a batch of articles
What is the role of categories/ sections

In this lesson we will learn how to create navigation menus and associate them with articles.

  • Create a "single article" menu entry
  • Create a Blog Page menu entry
  • How to associate menus with content
  • How to hide article information for a single webpage
Creating a Menu Navigation

Joomla Groups Guide

  1. What are groups and their role in Joomla
  2. Types of Joomla Groups
  3. What is the role of the Guest group in Joomla
  4. How to create a new Joomla Group
  5. How to assign permissions to certain groups
Understanding User Groups

What is the difference between group permissions and Joomla Viewing Access Levels?

  1. Types of Viewing Access Lists in Joomla
  2. How to create a bespoke Viewing Access List in Joomla
  3. How to assign a new Viewing Access into a specific article
Understanding view access levels

Let's see what we learned so far.

Progress Assessment Quiz
8 questions
+ Implement our Frontend
5 lectures 01:26:38

In this lesson we prepare our Joomla frontend

  • Create appropriate menu items
  • Associate appropriate access levels
  • What is the role of the 'Special' viewing access level?
  • User login options
Preparing our Frontend 1/3

Preparing our Joomla frontend

  • How to create a user menu
  • User menu under a menu entry 'Placeholder'
  • Login and Register forms
  • Reset Password in Joomla
  • Create an Article Menu entry
Preparing our Frontend 2/3
  1. User options, how to change the default group for Guests accounts
  2. How we can allow users to register to our website
  3. How to restrict access to the Submit Article menu item
  4. How Joomla permissions are calculated
  5. How to create an additional 'User Menu'
  6. How to create a menu alias to an existing Menu Item
  7. How to display our User Menu (using a Module)
  8. How to batch copy menu items form one menu to another
Preparing our Frontend 3/3
  1. Create a Create an Article Menu item
  2. Appoint access to 'Special Level'
  3. Login to the frontend as an author
  4. Submit an article
  5. Logout then login to the frontend as a manager
  6. Edit and publish an article pending review
  7. How to set an article as unpublished so that we can finalise it later 
Frontend article submission - Article Options
Configure Joomla to auto publish articles
+ JCE Content Editor
5 lectures 01:24:06
JCE Editor - Installation and Basic Settings
JCE Editor - Creating/ modify profiles

Advanced options for Joomla JCE Content Editor

  1. JCE Editor Parameters
  2. JCE Editor Plugin Parameters
  3. How to add a Google Font into the JCE Editor
JCE Editor - Advanced settings

Extended Joomla Image Manager

  1. How to resize images (their physical size) upon upload
  2. How to edit an existing image -editing options
  3. How to save an edited image with a different name
  4. How to create responsive images
  5. How to use the media manager and present videos /media files to users
JCE Editor - Extended Image & Media Manager

How to automatically create image thumbnails and display them in a popup window

  1. Upload images and create the thumbnails
  2. Select the Popup options and link the thumbnails with the original images
Creating thumbnails and Rollover Effect
+ Frontend - Using third party extentions
5 lectures 54:17
How to edit a module from our frontend

Page Builder - How to edit pages from the frontend

  • Change global frontend permissions
  • Deny access to specific Pages
  • Use the frontend editor
How to allow users to edit pages created with our Page Builder

JEvents Joomla application

  1. How to create new events
  2. How to display events adding columns
  3. Monthly event view
  4. Create Menu items and link them with our events
  5. Allow users to modify events from the frontend
  6. How to add a new event from the frontend
Events extension, create or edit an event
  1. How to link a contact form into a menu item
  2. How to fill-out a contact form
  3. How to view contact submissions on the backend
  4. How to permit users to view submissions on the frontend
  5. How to create a menu item for designated users to view contact submissions
Contact Forms extension, Frontend
  1. How to modify which groups can access the backend
  2. How to permit admin tasks to specific groups
  3. How Joomla checks permissions 
How to allow access to the backend
+ What it takes to be a Joomla Frontend Professional
2 lectures 12:54

In this lecture we discuss how you can maximise the options to master your Joomla frontend. The default Joomla provides limited options. The good news is that there are lots of available extensions in the Joomla extensions directory. In many cases the extensions provide frontend views so that our users can enjoy the features provided by the extension.

We can also use Form Builders and create bespoke forms that are users can fill-out directly from the frontend. Or maybe we can rely on a Content Construction Kit and create web applications providing our users with all kind of options and features

How to be a real Pro
How to recover your admin password
  • Basic computer skills
  • Basic knowledge about Content Management Systems
  • How to use a web editor/ create posts using a CMSystem
  • Access to a Joomla website (or launch a free site on joomla org)
  • Internet access!

Course based on Joomla 3 CMS

This online course is mainly designed for end users and administrators. People that use Joomla to create, edit, modify and administer digital content. 

Whether you are a professional or end user this course is for you. As an end user you can master Joomla; as a professional you learn to configure Joomla for your clients.

The main reason I created this course was to allow my clients to perform basic Joomla tasks without my involvement. 

Register to this course and learn Web Development Fundamentals with Joomla 3 Content Management System!

  • Joomla Frontend article Editing
  • How to manage Joomla from the Frontend
  • You learn how to automate Joomla CMS tasks
  • How to benefit from a Content Construction Kit

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla!® Project or Open Source Matters.
The Joomla!® name and logo is used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters, the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.

Who this course is for:
  • End users that want to master their Joomla Content Management System
  • Anyone that wants to learn Joomla (fundamentals)
  • Professionals that want to allow end users to access Joomla CMS
  • Joomla Website developers that want to automate common tasks
  • Users that want to be certified on mastering Joomla frontend