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Learn step-by-step how to answer the 13 most common job interview questions
Discover the interviewers’ purpose behind the question and what they expect to hear as an answer
Learn how to pick the best examples for your answer from your professional or academic experience
Explore 30+ examples of good and bad answers
Selecting example for your answers that perfectly match the company's needs
Learn what to say when you don't know the answer
Know how to answer inappropriate or illegal questions
Find out your optimal salary range
Learn how to negotiate a higher salary


  • No prior knowledge or experience with job interviews is required


Why do you need this course?

Know what to expect and reduce stress and anxiety - Many of the fear surrounding interviews is based on not knowing what to expect. You'll feel a lot more confident – and have better performance – if you know you're well prepared.

Feel ready to answer any job interview question - Nervous candidates talk too quickly, rush themselves, ramble, and give long-winded answers. Confident candidates know what to say and maintain a slow, calm pace when addressing the interviewer.

Get a higher salary to finance your projects - Here's a good reason for negotiating your salary: If you get a $100k salary and your co-worker negotiates up to $107k, you'd have to work eight years longer to be as wealthy as them at retirement.

Land your dream job and live a fulfilling life - Work consumes at least one-third of your life and half your waking hours. It can and ought to be more than a means to an end!

How will this course help you?

This course will help answer the 13 most common job interview questions effectively and confidently. You will prepare and practice your answers in three steps:

1. UNDERSTANDING THE QUESTION: Learn the interviewer's purpose behind each question and what they expect to hear as an answer

2. PICKING EXAMPLES: Learn how to pick the best examples for your answer from your professional or academic experience

3. CREATING YOUR ANSWER: Learn the steps to create a solid, complete answer and explore 30+ examples of good and bad answers

How is this course different?

  • Lectures are straight to the point - minimal effort, maximum results

  • Instructors with almost twenty years of experience

  • Support in under 24 hours

  • Impeccable sound and video quality

  • Learn by doing

Let's begin!

Thank you,

Sophie Müller & Anja Weber from PREPSTUDIO :)

Who this course is for:

  • Recent graduates - If you are looking for your first job/internship, this course is for you. You’ll get a complete step-by-step system to follow, which will set you up for success, even if you have no work or interview experience.
  • Candidates who are trying and failing - If you haven’t received any job offers lately and feel stuck, this course is for you. First, our methodology is proven to work. Second, we give you the exact structure you need to follow to know what to do.
  • Professionals wanting a career change - If you want to have a job lined up before signing your resignation letter, this course is for you. It compiles essential content that will make you really good, really fast. It’s the push you need to get that salary raise.


PREPSTUDIO by Sophie Müller and Anja Weber
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PREPSTUDIO was founded in 2020 by Sophie Müller and Anja Weber with the purpose of making professional job interview training accessible to all candidates.

Sophie and Anja are professional career development coaches with more than twenty years of experience. They have helped hundreds of students from all over the world to get their dream job and live fulfilling lives.

Their students rave about their clear explanations and overall teaching style. Their approach focuses on getting maximum results with minimal effort. Their courses help you'll become really good, really fast.

Feel free to send them a message if you have any questions or suggestions for how they can create a better learning experience for you.

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