Job Interview Hacks + Resume, LinkedIn & Salary Negotiation
4.2 (32 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
932 students enrolled

Job Interview Hacks + Resume, LinkedIn & Salary Negotiation

Job Interview Hacking: Get Your Dream Job, Increase Your Salary Or Switch Industries With This Step-By-Step Blueprint
4.2 (32 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
932 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Master The Complete Job Interview Process, From Building A Results-Based Resume, All The Way To Negotiating Their Salary
  • Adapt To Job Applications In English-Speaking Countries As A Non-Native Speaker Through An Entire Section Designed To Help You Through The Transition
  • Prepare The Essential Assets For Job Applications Including Accomplishment Lists, Printed Out Sales Scripts, QR Code Business Cards & Linked Email Signatures
  • Create A Results-Based Resume Which Is Quantified To Communicate Your Value To Employers. Learn How To Tailor Every Single Line Through A Step-By-Step Framework
  • Quantify Your Accomplishments By Using The 6 Different Methods That Are Taught In This Course
  • Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into An Employability Magnet By Tailoring All The Essential Aspects Including Profile Photos, Headlines, Summary, Work Experience, Endorsements And Recommendations
  • Learn From Other's Experiences By Watching 10+ Case Studies That Draw Upon The Aspects Taught In The Course
  • Discover New Job Opportunities By Not Only Relying On The Traditional Job Seeking Paths
  • By-Pass The Recruitment Process By Identifying Recruiters And Contacting Them Directly Via A Step-By-Step Blueprint
  • Create A Powerful Personal Brand That Increases Your Perceived Value And Instantly Separates You From The Other Candidates Via 4 Secret Strategies
  • Turn Your Accomplishments Into Stories & Learn How To Succeed In Any Face-To-Face Interview
  • Master The Art Of Answering Competency Questions Through The SAR/PAR Frameworks And See 20 Questions & Model Answers In The Lectures
  • Be Prepared For Other Interview Steps Such As Psychometric Testing, Assessment Centres, Role-Play Interviews Or Phone Interviews
  • Master Salary Negotiation Principles & Techniques Including How To Find A Range, Knowing When To Negotiate, Different Leverage Tactics & The Most Powerful Negotiation Tactic There Is
  • Have A Basic Resume/ Accomplishment List In Order To Self-Reflect At The Beginning Of The Course And See How Much You Need To Improve
  • A Basic LinkedIn Profile Is Preferable In Order To Approach The Respective Section Of The Course
  • A Desire To Take Action And Get Measurable Results
  • 13,000+ Students have enrolled in my 13 Courses!
  • The 4.75 Rating from student reviews shows the value packed in this course!
  • Practicality: Over 95 lectures including PDFs, Case Studies and Action Items will enable you to put in practice everything you learn!

Accelerating your career twice as fast, achieving up to an 80% dream job application success rate or doubling your salary - all of this is possible if you master the job hacking process.

If you've ever been dissatisfied with the job you're in, wanted a higher salary, had an ambition for climbing the corporate ladder OR simply looked to switch industries, then this course is for you. Everything will change starting now, if you commit to taking action.

This comprehensive Job Hacking Blueprint will take you through the whole recruitment process, showing you how to get the essentials right, but also exposing you to hacks that will accelerate your progression and instantly separate you from the other candidates.

Here's what makes this course different:

  • The Essential Assets For Job Hunting are resources you should invest time in prior to your job applications. Having them will make your job application more valuable with the adage of Accomplishment Lists or QR Code Business Cards.
  • The Quant Resume Blueprint will show you how to instantly communicate value to employers by focusing on results. It's a step-by-step process which is easy to follow by anyone, including techniques such as the One Liner Sniper or 6 Different Ways To Quantify Accomplishments.
  • LinkedIn & By-Passing The Recruitment Process: two sections that focus specifically on building a Superstar LinkedIn Profile and using the platform to discover new job opportunities and EVEN contacting recruiters directly to increase your success rate.
  • Personal Branding 101 will show you advanced methods to become an authority figure in your domain so that you instantly separate yourself from the other applicants.
  • The Interview Techniques are comprehensive and cover everything from how to turn your accomplishments into stories, answering competency questions through the SAR/PAR techniques, as well as other interview steps (e.g. Assessment centres, role-play interviews, psychometric tests)
  • Intercultural Awareness addresses the challenges that most non-native English speakers face when applying for jobs in these countries (including myself!). Learn how to maximise your job application success rate and minimise the gap between yourself and native speakers.
  • Salary Negotiation Dynamics put you in contact with the most powerful negotiation tactics that are tailored to salary negotiation so that you know exactly how to get the best deal on the table.

The Bonuses

Apart from the 13 Sections, this course includes additional materials that will add to your learning experience:

  • 10+ Case Studies covering real situations that myself/my connections have experienced which reinforce the lecture content
  • 5+ PDFs which give you tangible resources such as Amazing LinkedIn Summary Examples or Recruiter Networking Scripts
  • 3 Live Resume Transformations - Resume obtained from my Udemy students which I transform from top to bottom in order to make them results-based masterpieces

The Guarantee

This course has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Taking this course - the most powerful job interview out there - is a no-brainer and I guarantee that once you've improved your interviewing skills, the results will more than make up for the small investment you made to enroll.

Will you take action and take control of your professional career? If you want to be more fulfilled on a professional level whilst increasing your salary, then take this course now and join me in the virtual classroom!

Who this course is for:
  • This Course Is A Comprehensive Blueprint For Anyone That Wants To Get Their Dream Job, Climb Up The Corporate Ladder, Increase Their Salary Or Switch Careers
  • Especially Valuable For People Who, After Seeing Lecture 2 On Communicating Results, Realise That They Can Improve Their Pitch To Employers
  • Students Looking For An Internship Or First Paid Job, Experienced Professionals Who Want To Advance Their Career Or People Who Have Lost Their Jobs And Need A Change In Strategy To Get To A Better Situation
Course content
Expand all 97 lectures 06:14:04
+ Introduction
3 lectures 08:35

Find out what prompted me to create this course, what recommends me to be your instructor, discover the course content per section, discover bonus materials and find out what it takes to be successful when taking this course!

Preview 03:20

A Quick Win lecture designed to test you and the quality of your Resume. Use these easy techniques (which are present in the course) to see if you communicate results & value to employers and discover some initial weaker points that you can improve on along the way.

Preview 03:34

Add a discussion item to the course thread introducing yourself! Looking forward to meeting you.

Let's Get To Know Each Other!
+ Essential Assets For Job Hunting
7 lectures 14:27

Discover why I included this Section before anything else & why it's essential to invest time in developing these assets.


I'll introduce you to the concept of a Quant Resume which is how we're going to transform your existing one in this course. I base my method on communicating results - you will see further in the course how this is a step-by-step process and how you can implement the present frameworks to transform yours.

Preview 01:22

You will discover an essential aspect that will save you a lot of time & will improve the accuracy of your Resumes throughout time.

Keep A Running Resume & Accomplishment List

You will be exposed to an out-of-the-box approach that Tim Ferriss suggests for professionals & entrepreneurs who want to network better. This is extremely powerful.

The Most Important Networking Asset - A Printed Out Sales Script

These 2 assets are crucial for you in your professional communications as they will serve as your identity and the means by which you direct recruiters to your online resources.

QR Code Business Card + Email Signature With Links

The Call To Action for this Section revolves around building an Accomplishment List which is the starting point to transforming your Resume and answering interview competency questions.

Action Time: Build An Accomplishment List

Use this PDF in case you are stuck trying to remember your accomplishments - the questions inside are for you to ask yourself and figure out the situations which you can emphasise to recruiters.

PDF: Accomplishment List Recall Questions
1 page
+ The Quant Resume Fundamentals
7 lectures 21:25

Familiarise yourself with this Section and how we're going to approach the Basics of Quant Resumes.


Discover why key words are so important and why you should always ensure that you include them in your Quant Resume.

Preview 03:56

Even though it takes time, this is an extremely important tip, as many people try to get by with the same Resume for completely different job applications.

Always Tailor Your Resume To The Job Application

In this lecture you will learn the AWO Framework - this represents the way you should structure each and every line of your Resume from now on in order to communicate value to readers.

Resume Hacking: The One-Liner Sniper
How To Approach The Work Experience Section
Common Resume Misconceptions That You Might Have

Asking someone with your dream job to rip your Resume apart is a powerful exercise. More details in the lecture.

Action Time: Ask Someone With Your Dream Job For Help
+ Resume Transformation: A Results-Oriented Masterpiece
8 lectures 48:18

Discover why this short Section contains 'the meat' of Quant Resume creation.


These are the first 3 ways to quantify every single line of your Resume. Probably 2 of the most important lectures in this entire course.

How To Quantify Results I - Percentages, Monetary Value & Time

Discover the next 3 mehods of quantifying your accomplishments. These are less obvious and thus more valuable if you're stuck not knowing how to quantify the lines in your Resume.

How To Quantify Results II - Responsibility, End Result & Work Volume

In this lecture you'll learn more about Personal Statements, whether or not you should use one, how it should be structured, examples of cliche Personal Statements as well as a really high-quality one.

Preview 06:31

It's time to put into practice what we've been discussion throughout this section!

Action Time: Quantify Your Accomplishment List

The first of three Live Resume Transformations. These are real examples collected from my existing Udemy students.

Live Resume Transformation #1

The second of three Live Resume Transformations. These are real examples collected from my existing Udemy students.

Live Resume Transformation #2

The last of three Live Resume Transformations. These are real examples collected from my existing Udemy students.

Live Resume Transformation #3
+ Revolutionising Your LinkedIn Profile
8 lectures 26:05

An introduction to this LinkedIn-based chapter and how it will help you in your job application.


Learn about 3 essential aspects of your LinkedIn Profile. These will largely determine how good of a first impression people will have about you once they land on your Profile page.

The Importance Of A Great Profile Photo, Headline & Vanity URL

This is the content-heavy part of your LinkedIn Profile. In this lecture you will learn how to write a Summary that will stand out from the rest and how to adapt the Work Experience section based on your Quant Resume.

How To Write A Fascinating Summary & Populate the Work Experience Section

Examples of LinkedIn Summaries that truly stand out from the rest. This is great inspiration if you're trying to write your very own.

PDF - Amazing LinkedIn Summaries Example
3 pages

In this lecture you will discover how to gather Social Proof on LinkedIn by getting targeted Recommendations. How should you approach your connections in order to maximise success rates? Watch to find out.

How To Get Targeted Recommendations

Even though Skills & Endorsements might seem superficial, they have a certain Social Proof value. In this lecture you will learn how to gather more of them and how this can benefit your LinkedIn activity.

Preview 03:00

This is a Case Study from one of my first LinkedIn Blueprint students. It's amazing how much he's revamped his profile since taking my course. I share the results with you in this Case Study.

Case Study: How One Of My Students Completely Revamped His LinkedIn Profile

It's time to cut to the chase, take action & transform your LinkedIn Profile. You have all the information necessary to take this essential step forward.

Action Time: Improve Your LinkedIn Profile
+ How To Discover Job Opportunities
7 lectures 21:07

By now you should have your Quant Resume & LinkedIn profile ready to go. It's time to apply for jobs. Find out what we discuss in this chapter and why it's crucial to discover as many job opportunities as possible.

Introduction - Why Is It Crucial To Discover All The Job Opportunities?

The job hunting channels that you're probably aware of already. It's important to discover them as they do have advantages.

The Traditional Job Seeking Paths

In this lecture you will find out why LinkedIn is turning into the default place for job hunting. See exactly how you can tailor your job search through LinkedIn's comprehensive job marketplace.

How To Discover Opportunities Via LinkedIn

This is an out-of-the box solution to increasing your employability chances. We'll introduce the concept here and lay down a blueprint for realising it in the next lecture.

How To By-Pass The Application Process

Find out how you should contact recruiters directly, identify commonalities, build rapport and enhance your image so that you skip steps in the application process and go straight to the interview.

The Blueprint For Skipping the Recruitment Process

Albeit not in the context of skipping the application process entirely, this is a Case Study reflecting how I built a large connections base in a huge Management Consulting company, starting with 0 internal connections.

Case Study: How I Built A Network Of Connections Before Starting A Job

Time to put into practice the concepts from this Section, connect & build rapport with 3 different recruiters.

Action Time: Contact 3 Different Recruiters
+ Stand Out From The Crowd Via Effective Personal Branding
7 lectures 20:48

In this section you will learn advanced techniques to brand your way so that you have a higher perceived value than the rest of the competition.

Preview 01:55

Discover why it's important to brand yourself the right way on LinkedIn and on other Social Media Platforms that can serve to emphasise your brand/knowledge.

The LinkedIn Presence & Other Social Media Accounts

Find out why having a Website or a Blog really pays dividends if it's on a specialised topic that is relevant to your job search.

The Most Important Branding Resource: The Website/Blog

Udemy courses have immense Social Proof, simply because you can enrol thousands of students in them within weeks/months. Find out why this would benefit your job search.

Preview 02:57

Publishing on LinkedIn is something that can build authority in professional circles. There are a lot of advantages to doing this and you can easily repurpose content.

Becoming An Authority By Publishing On LinkedIn

In this Case Study you will see how I managed to be perceived as an expert in just short of a year through the actions that I undertook in 2015. I hope this shows you that it is possible for anyone to do something similar, particularly if it's focused on developing their brand when searching for a better job opportunity.

Case Study: How I Branded Myself To Be Perceived As An Expert

Let's take action and put these methods in motion!

Action Time: Enhance Your Personal Brand Now
+ The Face-To-Face Interview
10 lectures 23:38

All you need to know about this Section.

Introduction: Why Preparation Is Key

Often times failure leads is to better skills & better learning. The experience I acquired to teach this course stems from my previous failures. In this Case Study I share my experience with you.

Preview 02:42

After generating an Accomplishment list and then quantifying it, it's very important to turn these accomplishments into stories. Find out how to do this in this lecture.

Turn Your Accomplishments Into Stories

A practical example of how the SAR/PAR Techniques can be applied.

PDF: SAR/PAR Techniques Applied
2 pages

This is a different way to approach a face-to-face interview by going the extra mile and showing recruiters/hiring managers your existing skillset, as well as the ability to be proactive.

Prepare & Print A Presentation Beforehand

Find out what the Interview Mindset should be like. What should your general state be like & what should you constantly ask yourself?

Be Relaxed But Alert & The Question You Have To Ask Yoursefl

Quick checklist so that you go into the Interview Room fully prepared.

PDF: Face-To-Face Interview Checklist
1 page
Case Study: How One Connection Got A Job By Volunteering To Work For Free
Important: Watch This Before Moving On!

Time to put into action the lessons from this Section.

Action Time: Turn 3 Accomplishments Into Stories
+ Competency Question Answering Frameworks
11 lectures 46:06

Competency questions are everywhere, in any interview. It's important that we learn how to approach them.

Introduction - How This Applies To Both Types Of Interviews

A general lecture with the framework to be used when answering these types of questions followed by specific examples.

Question Answering Framework

An example of what your Accomplishment list could look like.

PDF: Sample Accomplishment List
1 page

A few examples of competency questions along with model answers.

Analytical/ Attention To Detail Questions

A few examples of competency questions along with model answers.

Background / Personal Questions
A few examples of competency questions along with model answers.
Industry/ Career Switching Questions

A few examples of competency questions along with model answers.

Career Goals & Commitment Questions
A few examples of competency questions along with model answers.
Culture Questions

A few examples of competency questions along with model answers.

Strengths & Weaknesses Questions
A few examples of competency questions along with model answers.
Leadership Questions

It's time to test your knowledge and prepare for the Interview. Here's a 3-step process to organising a Mock Interview with one of your friends/connections.

Action Time: Do A Mock Interview
+ Assessment Centres, Role-Playing Interviews & Psychometric Testing
10 lectures 30:23

A brief introduction to what this Section contains.


Most people think Phone Interviews are easier than Face-To-Face ones. In reality they are different and you still need to prepare for them. You'll learn the main differences and how you can adapt for phone interviews in this lecture.

Preview 03:23
PDF: Phone Interview Checklist
1 page

Discover what the easiest way to master Psychometric testing is.

Spoiler: There is no magic pill or shortcut to them. You will need to practice intensively.

Here's How To Master Psychometric Testing

Assessment Centres are one of the most gruelling recruitment experiences I've been through. In this lecture you'll learn how to prepare for them, with more tips to follow in the next few videos.

Assessment Centres (AC): How To Prepare

Discover my 5 general guidelines to AC success. I've been to 10+ of these events and have seen a lot of different dynamics and approaches in play.

Assessment Centres (AC): How To Succeed

I wanted to share a few of my personal examples from Assessment Centres and how they helped me understand how to perform better in these pressure-packed situations.

Case Study: What I Learned From ACs

You might be scared of role-play interviews and think they are extremely hard - which they are. That does not mean you cannot prepare for them - in fact if you do, you maximise your chances of success.

How To Approach Role-Play Interviews

The story of how I managed to pull through a role-play interview, even though I felt tremendous pressure and the adrenaline pumping through my body.

Case Study: How I "Kept My Cool" At A Role-Play Exercise
Action Time