Jeet Kune Do : 102

Jeet Kune Do techniques
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Foot work, Jkd punches, and kicks, self defense, Basic trapping, Finger Jab, Elbows & Knees, & much more!


  • no experience needed for this course however. You will need a device to acsess the internet to be able to get on wifi such as a laptop, tablet ,smart phone ect. Try to set some self assessment goals for yourself prior to starting this course. What you are hoping to accomplish, what and if you set a time frame for your training any goals you can be creative and think of go for it.


You will be learning a lot of JKD in this course. Footwork Jeet kune do, punches and kicks, Knees, Elbows, Back fist, Finger jab, & much more, intercepting the fist, Strikes from the lead hand and lead leg. Self defense techniques basic trapping skills, Strikes from the center line, energy drills. Hope you enjoy it and are able to get what we got out of it.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn

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2 sections48 lectures38m total length
  • Fist of Fury intro


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We went to the same taekwondo school where it all started as kids trained together fell in love. With lots of hard work and much dedication we Both achieved our 2nd Dans together (Sam Dan) through much hard work n determination as well. After that went onto training/competing in karate point sparing competitions and then got into mixed martial arts. We continued our journey in learning many different kinds of martial arts that we could,we studied many different styles with several reputable trainers.We got married in 7-23-05 but that didn't slow us down we are still continuing training and will never quit. We are instructors we have been teaching now for going on 2 years and love passing our knowledge that we were fortunate enough to have past onto us and want to keep passing the torch onto other people that want to learn.