JavaScript Basics Crash Course (A Head Start for Beginners)

Learn the language of the web, boost your web development journey
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Rating: 3.1 out of 5 (70 ratings)
5,501 students
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Students will get a foundation for javascript language
Students will have a head start for their web development career
Students will learn the basics of Javascript in ease


  • Pre programming experience of any of programming language will be helpful but it's optional


Welcome to Javascript Basics Crash Course!

My name is Sandaru Razan, I am an experienced programmer, I started programming at the age of 12. The things that I love the most is learning new things and teaching them. My goal from this course is to give you a foundation in JavaScript and make you comfortable with JavaScript by teaching you the basics of JavaScript in ease. I think this Course will help you boost your career as a web programmer

JavaScript, the programming language of the web is simple but yet powerful programming language that has encouraged many programmers to pursue careers involving programming over any other language. Of course, it goes without saying that JavaScript is an excellent language, but do you know what is required of you to start programming JavaScript?

As with any programming language it is important you understand the basics and that's exactly what I'm going to do in this course

I help you:

  • Establish fundamental code

  • Create and use variables

  • Clauses and Operators

  • Loops

  • Functions and Builtin Functions

Go no further if you're looking for the course that will guide you into the world of programming! With my course I can guarantee that the knowledge you learn will help you get a head-start in basic JavaScript programming. I hope that you will enjoy the course and lead into the world of programming.

"Programming is a form of art. It is logical creativity!"

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who wants a head start in their web development career with javascript


Web Developer At Arimac Sri Lanka
Sandaru Rasanjana
  • 3.1 Instructor Rating
  • 70 Reviews
  • 5,501 Students
  • 1 Course

Sandaru is currently working at Arimac Sri Lanka tech solutions company. His programming journey began at the age of 12, starting off with Python and Javascript Programming Languages. Since then, he's worked at numerous companies and is professionally experienced in Data Science and Web Development. He launched sindukolla music listen platform at internet. Additionaly, he's competed and won in several hackathons around the world including PennApps and NWHacks.

Sandaru has a passion to teach - his enthusiasm and love for programming is evident in every video. he loves motivating and enabling others to pursue their programming dreams. He hopes to help students realize the power of programming and jumpstart their careers through his courses.

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