Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners

Learn to program using the Java programming language
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (82,660 ratings)
1,408,510 students
Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (82,660 ratings)
1,408,510 students
Learn to program in Java


  • Basic fluency with computers

Learn to program in the Java programming language. This course assumes no prior programming knowledge, just a desire to learn to program.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn Java
9 sections • 74 lectures • 16h 9m total length
  • Introduction and Installation
  • What Java Is and How It Works
  • Getting a Job and What to Study After Completing Basic Java
  • How To Get The Most Out Of This Course
  • A Hello World Program
  • Using Variables
  • Strings: Working With Text
  • While Loops
  • For Loops
  • "If"
  • Getting User Input
  • Do ... While
  • Switch
  • Arrays
  • Arrays of Strings
  • Multi-Dimensional Arrays
  • Classes and Objects
  • Methods
  • Getters and Return Values
  • Method Parameters
  • Setters and "this"
  • Constructors
  • Static (and Final)
  • String Builder and String Formatting
  • The toString Method
  • Inheritance
  • Packages
  • Interfaces
  • Public, Private, Protected
  • Polymorphism
  • Encapsulation and the API Docs
  • Casting Numerical Values
  • Upcasting and Downcasting
  • Using Generics
  • Generics and Wildcards
  • Anonymous Classes
  • Reading Files Using Scanner
  • Handling Exceptions
  • Multiple Exceptions
  • Runtime vs. Checked Exceptions
  • Abstract Classes
  • Reading Files With File Reader
  • Try-With-Resources
  • Creating and Writing Text Files
  • The Equals Method
  • Inner Classes
  • Enum Types: Basic and Advanced Usage
  • Recursion: A Useful Trick Up Your Sleeve
  • Serialization: Saving Objects to Files
  • Serializing Arrays
  • The Transient Keyword and More Serialization
  • Passing by Value
  • ArrayList: Arrays the Easy Way
  • Linked Lists
  • HashMap: Retrieving Objects via a Key
  • Sorted Maps
  • Sets
  • Using Custom Objects in Sets and as Keys in Maps
  • Sorting Lists
  • Natural Ordering
  • Queues
  • Using Iterators
  • Implementing Iterable
  • Deciding Which Collection to Use
  • Complex Data Structures
  • Eclipse Shortcuts
  • Getting a Job Extended Version: What you need, a strategy for finding work, and my story.
  • Ten Tips for Improving Your Coding
  • Debugging in Eclipse
  • Lambda Expressions
  • Basic Java Programming: Test Your Knowledge
  • Recommended Books
  • Source Code
  • Bonus

Software Development Trainer
John Purcell
  • 4.3 Instructor Rating
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  After working as a software developer and contractor for over 14 years for a whole bunch of companies including CSC, Proquest, SPSS and AT&T in the UK and Netherlands, I decided to work full-time as a private software trainer. After spending four years in the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary and a year in Berlin, I now live in my home town of Derby, UK.