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Java for beginners: Java basics - Programming Fundamentals
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Java :)
Students will learn programming basics which will help them to understand any other programming language
Object-oriented programming
Learn the Java basics, including syntax and primitive data types
Understand difference between Java 8, 9, 11, 13
You will learn source code of the tutor. All homework is completed with the Trainer
Learn how to use integrated development environments to create Java programs
Programming Fundamentals


  • You want to learn Java while having fun :)


This is the first part of fundamental training program 'Java from Zero to First Job'.  As it's declared in the course name, it's created for people who want to learn programming from scratch. You need to know how to turn on your computer, no other knowledge is required for this course :) The rest will be covered in lessons.

Before starting creation of this course, our team attentively investigated feedbacks for existing courses on Udemy platform and tried to focus on the feedbacks for the top-rated courses to understand what can be improved in this course and make it even more better from the quality standpoint. After analysis, we understand what will help students to learn Java in more efficient way. In this course:

- High concentration of useful material in each lesson

Sometimes you can notice that watching of 5 minutes of our lesson is equivalent to watching of other 30 minutes lesson.

This is because time spent for preparation for the lesson (script for the lesson, lesson structure) and video editing (to cut boring pieces of the lesson, or time when program loads) sometimes 10 times as much (sometimes even 20) as final lesson duration after video editing.

So you can be sure, that this ~2 hours training course of Java basics is equivalent or even better of training courses of java basics that are 10 hours long.

Also each topic is separated from another. In case some concept will be explained in the next lesson and you don't need to worry about understanding this in scope of this lesson - instructor will make announcement when specific topic will be covered.

Go and try it yourself! We will appreciate your feedback.

- Relevant knowledge

After our team investigated other Java courses on Udemy we realized that most of them has nothing in common with real life. Information which is shared there is very old and significantly out of date. For example, instructor teaches framework which is not used already for 15 years. Or instructor do a stress on the programming design which is not used anymore at all!

Instructor of this course is consultant in the top-rated IT outsourcing company and helps to bring cutting-edge solutions in IT for all his clients. Feel free to check LinkedIn page of instructor and check skills endorsement. More than 18 thousand people acrooss all over the world (BTW most of them are from top 100 companies of the world) evaluated skills of Andrii Piatakha.

With this course you can be sure that you will spend your time learning the right things from the one of the best IT consultants in the world.

- Sequence of lessons

After the years of teaching offline, and based on the feedbacks of students who are passing online courses we realized how important the sequence of lessons while teaching Java. The same issue is with the books where information is completely unstructured what makes things even more complex. For example, how students can learn object oriented programming from the first lesson if they don't know yet the java syntax basics? Or how student can implement hometask if he/she doesn't aware of java methods specifics, or doesn't know yet how to read program input?

So in this course you can be sure, that you will not get hometask to implement without having enough information to implement it. The program which is in this course is proven by many students who completed it offline and now work as software engineers in outsourcing companies and as a freelancers.

- Open source code

We hide nothing from our students! Including the source code for the hometask solutions and source code of examples which were shared during the lesson. Having the source code you can just copy and paste it to run it on your local computer to understand how things work better.

- Free mobile App without limits for our students

Knowing Java is one skill. Be able to pass interview in company - that is another skill :) Nowadays a lot of companies use tests to select candidates on the first level of interview. We developed application to practice skills specifically for such purposes.

In this course we will provide you link to download our FREE mobile app for android. (soon it will be also available for iOS platforms)

Instructor of this course come up with hundreds tests which are used to test knowledge of candidates. With this application you will be well-prepared for the interview.

Also, only for our students - there is no limit on attempts to pass certification. In the course we will tell you how to set up special bonus code which will remove restrictions for our students inside the app.

- Captions

Almost all training courses on Udemy has auto-generated captions. And you know how auto-generated captions looks like - words are written incorrectly, timeline is not perfect. We saw feedbacks of international students who would like to have captions properly written. And also taking into account you are learning new domain it is nice to understand how new words spelled to be able to google them if needed.

For this course tutor create Java program (you would be able to do the same after you complete the course :) ) which helps to create perfect captions that can help you a lot in your education. We are not using auto-generated captions. We use scripts written by tutor and which is mapped against the video.

As you can see from curriculum, in this part of fundamental training program you will learn how to install JDK on your computer, you will learn a lot about IDE where you can write you programs, you will learn Java syntax, primitive types of data, loops, control statements, arrays, operations with primitive and reference types of data, String, different number systems, tips and tricks, practical coding exercises and lots more.

So don't wait! Enroll in this FREE training course!

Hope you enjoy this course! And remember, we appreciate all your feedbacks! Your feedbacks will help us to become even more better! Your feedbacks will help us to create to best Java course ever!

See you on the lessons! :)

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to learn java from scratch
  • People who wants to learn programming basics
  • Future software engineers of web applications
  • Future android developers
  • Future test automation engineers

Course content

5 sections • 14 lectures • 1h 58m total length
  • How to use captions
  • Why Java and why this course? What is JDK, JRE and JVM?
  • Communication plan
  • Unlimited access to 'Learn IT' application for students


Founder and CEO in IT-Bulls, Founder of Learn-IT platform
Andrii Piatakha
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Founder and CEO in IT-Bulls.

Creator of Learn-IT mobile application for people who want to be prepared for interview and learn Java.

Tutor with 4+ years of experience. Key Java Tutor in outsourcing companies. Andrii helps to teach Java software engineers from zero till their first job assignment.

His Java course is used to train people with zero programming knowledge to prepare them for real work in different companies.

When you are taking Andrii's courses you can be sure that you will learn the right things in the right way in the shortest possible amount of time.

All Andrii's courses are proven by time and success stories of the students.

Not all tutors were professional programmers in past. Huge engineering experience allowed Andrii to run his own IT company. During the teaching Andrii focuses students' attention only on the most important things.

Feel free to check out Andrii's linkedin profile and especially confirmation of the skills. Already more than 1000+ professional engineers, managers and software architects across all over the World confirmed Andrii's skills in Java EE technologies stack.

Andrii spent a lot of time tutoring offline to understand students and key issues which they face with during their education process. Detailed homeworks and practical experience - that's what helps students to get knowledge.

IT-Bulls creates applications with students which allow people to pass internship and get more practical experience.

The best students managed to get their first job in IT-Bulls and now become leading engineers in the company!

So be prepared to become best friend of IT-Bulls company.

Learn more about Andrii's career and skills in linkedin profile and follow Andrii on instagram (@andrey_pyatakha)! 

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