Java Coding Interview questions for freshers and experienced

Java Coding Interview Questions to crack any interview
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This course helps job seekers in learning java coding interview questions with help of examples with detailed explanation


  • Basics of Java


This course contains various java programming questions and their solutions step by step. It covers String based,array based ,number based frequently asked programming interview questions for java freshers and experienced engineers. Every section starts with an introduction about the section and it provides clear learning path.

This course will be useful for Java developers,Automation testers and Bigdata Engineers to crack the interview.

Who this course is for:

  • Java Job seekers and people preparing for java interview

Course content

1 section8 lectures1h 50m total length
  • Write a java program to find number of words in a sentence and char count?
  • How to delete an element from array in java?
  • How to read a matrix from console in java?
  • Write a java program to print characters count in String in java?
  • How to reverse words in String in java?
  • Write a java program to reverse elements in an array?
  • Write a java program to insert element in an array at specific position in java?
  • Write a java program to left rotate array by one position in java?


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