Java 8 Interview Preparation

Java 8 Questions related to Functional interface, Lambda expression, Stream API, Optional, String Joiner
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Java 8 Interview Questions
Function Interface
Lambda Expression
Stream API
String Joiner


  • Basic Knowledge of Core Java is required.


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  • this course is excellent!!

  • Straight forward explanation, highly recommended!

  • simple and straight forward teaching.

  • Very detailed and concise explanation of functional interfaces and lambda expressions

  • Good experience with Java 8 features and questions & answers.

In this course you will learn Java 8 Interview Questions that you might face in your next Interview in Java.

Now a days most of the people are asking questions related to Java 8 so this course will prepare you for that.

Question covered are -

  • What is Functional Interface ?

  • What is Lambda Expression ?

  • What is Stream API ?

  • What is Optional ?

  • What is StringJoiner ?

  • Difference between Collection API and Stream API

  • What kind of variable you can access in an lambda expression ?

  • Difference between Iterator and Spliterator

  • Differences between Java’s OLD Date API and Java 8’s Date and Time API

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who has basic idea of core Java


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