Japanese HIRAGANA(Japanese character) 1hour in English

Let's learn how to write and read Hiragana.
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You can study how to write and read Hiragana while watching the videos.
You can learn some Japanese words in this course.
You will be able to write 46characters of Hiragana after finishing this course.
You will be able to read 46characters of Hiragana after finishing this course.


  • You don't need any knowledge about Japanese or tools for this lesson.
  • Just watch my videos and enjoy your first learning Japanese.


You can study how to write and read Hiragana while watching the videos.

There are three types of scripts in Japanese language and “HIRAGANA” is one of them. It consists of 46 characters.

In learning Japanese, Hiragana is the most basic element and mastering Hiragana encourage you to get deeper knowledge of Japanese.

Watching all the videos will help you master how to write and read Japanese.

After you finish studying hiragana, you can start studying beginner level Japanese.

In addition to explaining how to write and read hiragana, this course also introduces a few Japanese words using those hiragana.

There are also many illustrations to make learning fun.

Each video is about 5 minutes long, so even if you don't have much time, you can study quickly.

When studying hiragana for the first time, it is difficult to write by hand.

The forms are also complicated, so it may be difficult to memorize them.

Watch the video over and over again to learn the shapes and how to write them.

To help you practice your handwriting, I have prepared practice notes in PDF format.

It is located in Lecture 1 and you are free to use it.

Let's have fun studying Hiragana together!

Who this course is for:

  • For learners who want to learn Japanese from beginner level.
  • My lessons are designed for those who want to start foreign language with fun.


Yukino I
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Hello, I’m Yukino as a Japanese language tutor.


・The concept of my lesson is "Like at your favorite café."   I hope you feel relax, comfortable and fun while learning Japanese.


・I'm teaching Japanese for more than 4years and have experiences in teaching more than 500students from 15countries.


・I have a master’s degree in Japanese language education and passed Japanese language teaching competency test (2012).


Let’s enjoy our Japanese lesson:)

I'm writting blogs about Japaese grammar for beginners, so please refer to them if you like.

Thank you.

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