Jack of All Trades - How to Be a Modern Renaissance Person

Beginner's Introduction to Learning and Being a Modern Renaissance Person
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By being a Modern Renaissance Person, you will be able to impress others with your wide array of knowledge, as a walking human-encyclopedia.
By being a Modern Renaissance Person, you will excel at whatever work you do, by being the smartest and brightest among your co-workers, colleagues, and peers.
By being a Modern Renaissance Person, you will be respected being the authority figure, who people trust and look up to as the expert.
By being a Modern Renaissances Person, you will be empowered and protected, from being victim taken advantage of by less-than-honest predatory people.
By being a Modern Renaissance Person, you will move up in society and be ahead of the pack, as success is a proportion in relation to knowledge.
By being a Modern Renaissance Person, you will read faster, listen better, and learn effectively with synchronized speed learning, propelling the experience.


  • Keep in mind that this is an INTRODUCTORY course. There is another continuation of this course if you decide and desire to resume your journey to scholarly enlightenment.


ADDRESS TO: The One, who has an insatiable craving for acquiring new knowledge, developing new skills, or nurturing existing talents...

Throughout history, there were those fascinating individualists of worldly culture, vast interests, myriad skills, remarkable erudition, and unfathomable capabilities - who we've come to know them as the "Renaissance men," who seem to not only KNOW everything...but DO everything as well.

What these polymaths, or  "Jack of all trades," could do and managed to achieve are very real and obtainable, but the secret question is...how?

The proverbial saying "don't put all eggs in one basket" holds true. Limiting all efforts and resources into one thing is not only being ill-equipped but risky, especially when comes to education, skill, career, and of course life.

"Jack of All Trades" tackles how to learn new knowledge and master multiple skill sets in record time to be a multi-talented, multifaceted modern Renaissance man/woman.

Become the rare breed who is multi-talented with your multiple masteries. Become the fascination and envy of other people with your endless knowledge. Become the contradicting enigma people are drawn to by your mysterious aura, attractive charisma, and refreshing ways of thinking, doing, and being...

Who am I? I am the YOU that you shall soon to be.

Until we meet again,

- Mr./Ms. Jack of all Trades

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who seeks to diversify him or herself culturally and socially to gain more experience and joy out of life.
  • Anybody who wants to possess vast varieties of knowledge and wide-range particular sets of skills.
  • Anybody who doesn’t want to be restricted professionally solely by another "job title" on some business card.
  • Anybody who loves history and has an interest in education and an urge for never-ending learning.
  • Anybody who wants to nurture an existing talent or find his or her latent talents to be utilized to the full potential.
  • Anybody who wants to gain the wisdom of ancient Renaissance men/women of the past to become the modern Renaissance men/women of the new.

Course content

7 sections38 lectures1h 20m total length
  • Opening
  • Welcome to Jack of All Trades!
  • INTRODUCTION NOTE (must read!) - Jack's Journey Begins
  • The Pursuit of Life, Truth and Knowledge
  • The Last Polymath
  • The Baskets of Eggs
  • The Next Polymath


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