Jewish Astrology 101: Intro to Jewish Astrology

The Hebrew Calendar and Jewish Astrology are tools for self-improvement which are available to everybody!
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The structure/outline of the Hebrew Calendar
The connection between the Hebrew Calendar and Western Astrology
An introduction to the unique qualities of each Hebrew Month
Personal Development Tools & Practices based on the Hebrew Calendar


  • No prior knowledge necessary
  • Background in Jewish Studies and/or Astrology would be helpful but not necessary


Did you know that there was such a thing as Jewish Astrology?  Did you know that Rabbinic Judaism and Western Astrology derive from the same place and time??  (Ancient Babylon).  Western Astrology follows the Zodiac Calendar, and it is an increasingly popular tool for Personal Development.  As a student and teacher of the Jewish Tradition, I believe/understand that the Rabbinic & Kabbalistic understandings of the Hebrew Calendar are very similar to the practice of Western Astrology.  Both the Jewish and Astrological traditions can and should be used as tools for Personal Development.

In this course, you will learn the basic structure of the Hebrew Calendar and the ways it is similar to and different from the Zodiac/Western Calendar.  You will also gain a basic introduction to understanding the unique spiritual qualities of each month on the Hebrew Calendar.

Learning more about the spiritual qualities of the months on the Hebrew Calendar can strengthen your already-existing practice of Jewish Learning, AND/OR it might strengthen your already-existing practice of Western Astrology.  If you are not already familiar with either of these two traditions, then this is your chance to start learning about both traditions, from a kosher perspective, starting at the way beginning!

I use almost entirely Rabbinic sources, so this course is appropriate for Torah-Observant Jews, although my courses are also designed to be relevant for everybody, whether you are Jewish or not Jewish, religious or not religious, spiritual or not spiritual, etc.  No matter what your background is, the Kabbalah (Deep Torah Mysticism) of the Hebrew Calendar and Jewish Astrology are an extremely powerful tools for self-awareness and personal development.  My intention is to share these tools with other people so that we can all learn a little bit more about ourselves, our lives, and the world we live in.  Please join me in learning more about the Hebrew Calendar and Jewish Astrology.

Who this course is for:

  • People who are looking to learn how to utilize the Hebrew Calendar for the sake of Personal Development


Writer, Instructor, and Producer for HIGHER CALENDAR
Devin Egber
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MA in Jewish Studies
(Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
BA in Philosophy & Religious Studies
(San Diego State University)

Introductory courses on Jewish History, Jewish Literature, and Jewish Astrology.  Accessible to people of all religious/spiritual backgrounds.  The primary objective of HIGHER CALENDAR is to demonstrate how the Hebrew Calendar can be utilized as a tool for personal development.

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