It’s Not Magic! It’s HTML5

A course for complete beginners! Learn the skills you need to create your first simple website with HTML5!
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1hr 47min of on-demand video
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Working with code editors and browsers
Organizing your files
Using common html tags
Working with text
Utilizing lists
Linking to other web pages with hyperlinks
Laying out your content with tables
Working with images
Creating feedback forms
Finding and fixing your mistakes
Linking your pages
Creating and reusing page templates


  • Basic computer skills
  • Internet access
  • Access to a PC or Mac Computer
  • Curiosity and desire to learn something new!


Due to the worldwide impact of Covid-19 and the millions of children and citizens now working from or confined to their homes, I have made the decision to offer this course for free to anyone who wants to learn the basics of html. If you take the course and enjoy it, please spread the word and send the course to anyone else you feel can benefit from it.  Let's all work together and get through this challenging time with co-operation, patience and kindness.

There are over 1.8 billion websites online!

Web sites have become a fundamental part of our lives. HTML is the key language that drives the web.

By learning html, you’ll not only be developing highly valued and useful skills, you’ll also have fun … and learn quite a bit along the way!

Whether you’re taking up a new hobby, looking to create a website for your business, considering a change in career, or just want to learn something new, this course is a great starting point.

My name is Richard Hart and I’ll be your instructor for this course.

I’ve been teaching intro html and web development courses to people of all ages and backgrounds for over a decade. I have extensive industry experience in web and mobile application development.

I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to take complex things and make them easy for an average person to understand.

It’s important to make sure that this course is a good fit for you so I’d like to take the time to answer a few questions you may have.

I want to be clear that this is not a boot camp course that promises to teach you everything you need to know to become a working web developer.

What will this course cover?

We’ll be focused on learning basics of html and developing the skills you need to create simple webpages and websites.

This will give you the solid foundation you’ll need to move on to more advanced topics and courses.

It’s my goal with this course to show you that anyone who wants to learn the basics of html can, with a bit of time and effort and the help of this course.

Who this course is for:

  • The course assumes no prior knowledge of html and is aimed at complete beginners.
  • If you have previous html and web page development experience and are looking for something more advanced, this may not be the right course for you.
  • Anyone with a curiosity and interest in learning to create web pages with HTML is welcome.


Learning Architect, Educational Gamer, Entrepreneur, Father
Richard Hart
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    Hi I'm Richard Hart 

    I have a passion, well … maybe a bit of an obsession when it comes to effective learning and teaching. 

    I've spent the last decade researching and engaging with learning from the perspective of a teacher, a student, an entrepreneur and a game/interactive developer. These experiences have given me a unique and powerful understanding how people learn and will continue to learn in the future. 

    I'm also a veteran instructor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Vancouver, where I currently teach advanced technology courses. 

    When I"m not creating and teaching new courses on Udemy, I help show organizations both large and small how to effectively teach and learn by leveraging the latest research in technology and psychology. 

    I assist in the creation of effective online courses, training videos and tutorials and also help design and develop educationally focused interactive content and games for mobile devices. 

I look forward to seeing you in my courses.

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