It's Not About The Coach - 3 part INTRODUCTION course

Getting the most from coaching in business, sport and life
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Assess if you are you ready to be coached
Understand if you possess the skills to be an effective coachee
Make informed choices about being coached
Discover readiness for coaching
Develop the values required by coachees
Consider your possibilities and be aware of what coaching can achieve
Locate your inner drives so that you can be authentic
Embrace change so that you can work on what is getting your attention
Recognize emotions so that you can move on from situations that have held you back in the past


  • You do not need any prior knowledge or specialist materials to take this course
  • To speed up your learning you could take a look at my book which this course is based on – It’s Not About The Coach
  • If you are up for being coachable then you are in the right place
  • Oh, and don't forget your performance will have to shift as a result of taking this course. Levels of authenticity increased, the ability to lead change and how to understand your emotions to name but a few


This course allows you to get the most from coaching. So if you are being coached in business, sport or life then this is for you. It is based on the book It’s Not About The Coach that I published in 2013. It is highly practical as the course relies on presentations, interviews, readings from the book and lectures that focus on the case for coachability. You can of course accompany your learning by reading the book also. This is a 3 part introduction course with a 6 part advanced course to follow if you need it. Here is more about the content itself…

Many of us are lucky enough to work with great coaches, who are keen to support and challenge us in many aspects of work and life. But, do we really make the most of these relationships?

Let’s deconstruct the well known saying - ‘when the coachee is ready, the coach will appear.’That's just it, so many of us are not ready for coaching despite having experienced individuals to hand.

My latest research has showed that people only possess 40% of the skills required to be an effective coachee. So unless you can evaluate whether coaching is the right option for you, you might be wasting everyone’s time. This course will help you answer the following two questions…

  • Are you ready to be coached?
  • Do you possess the skills to be an effective coachee?
  • Who this course is for:

    • Anybody thinking about being coached
    • People who are being coached in business, life or sport
    • Individuals who need to get better at sharing their ideas with others
    • Coaches who want to get the best out of the people they work with


    Authentic leadership consultant
    Stuart Haden
    • 3.6 Instructor Rating
    • 43 Reviews
    • 12,107 Students
    • 2 Courses

    Stuart is a facilitator, coach, consultant, author and speaker specializing in Authentic Leadership and founder of Storm Beach.

    Working across industry sectors his work focuses on increasing leadership effectiveness, developing a coaching way of being, harnessing personal energy and transforming individual, team and organisational culture.

    He works with clients to ensure that ‘inner’ values are skilfully exhibited in the ‘outer’ environment. Supporting and challenging where necessary so that individuals become attuned with these core values and develop fundamental individuality. The results of his work allow participants to achieve harmony between compliant and defiant behaviours to embody authenticity.

    Thus enabling individuals, teams and organisations to have PURPOSE and be PRESENT so that they can PRODUCE outstanding results.

    Two 'projects' further support Stuart's work. Harnessing energy by tapping into our energy sources and increasing vitality. Putting fuel in your tank and considering possibilities. Transforming culture by creating habitats and habits that support and challenge our intent. Taking other people with you and changing performance.

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