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Itemization is one of the most important concepts in League of Legends. Items decide the individual performance of a player, and without it their action will be lackluster. If you look at the patch notes of League of Legends, you can see that the items present are constantly getting tweaks and updates. These tweaks help balance the game out and allow players to actually play the game. Without proper itemization one can say that you have already lost the game.

However, itemizing properly is not a simple task. In Fact we believe theoretically it is one of the most difficult concepts in League of legends for beginner players. There are hundreds of items for players to memories with loads and loads of stats and numbers. Different items are required for different scenarios and it is crucial that you know the optimal build path for your champion at any stage of the game.

In this guide we take an in-depth look at the different items that are scattered across the shop. From the mythic that can single handedly change the course of the game if picked at the correct time to the starter items that will decide whether you make it past the laning phase.

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