Free Italian Elementary Course

Learn Italian and learn about cooking Italian food!
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 (42 ratings)
3,811 students
Free Italian Elementary Course
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 (42 ratings)
3,811 students
You will learn important vocabulary related to cooking in Italian including the names of the ingredients cooking utensils and verbs you do when you cook.
You will learn how to use modal verbs like "potere", "dovere" and "volere" when giving instructions, in this giving instructions for a recipe.
Your listening skills will improve greatly because all the videos are in Italian with subtitles.
You will learn but you will also have fun as Veronica, a qualified teacher of Italian as a Foreign Language puts into practise all of her skills teaching Italian in person for 14 years and on YouTube for 6 years!


  • A basic knowledge of Italian. This is not a course for complete beginners but it presumes that your level is low.

One World is a language school based in Cagliari, Italy, founded in 2001. Recently we decided to share our experience and knowledge in language teaching with the rest of the  world. And what you see is the result.

Our Italian courses are made by Veronica Altana, who has been teaching at One World for 14 years. She made her name on her YouTube on our channel Oneworlditaliano where her videos have been seen more than 18 million times!

What you will learn in this course

While cooking Eggplant Parmesan Veronica will teach you vocabulary connected with cooking like teglia da forno (baking tray), tagliere (chopping board) and verbs like grigliare (to grill) and cuocere (to cook). Veronica will also teach you the modal verbs volere (to want),  dovere (to have to) and potere (to be able to) and how to conjugate regular verbs in the present simple tense. You will learn how to use everyday expressions like l'acquolina in bocca (mouth-watering). And most importantly, you will have fun doing it!

What is included in the course

  • 5 subtitled videos divided into introduction, dialogue, vocabulary, grammar and conclusion sections

  • pdf printouts with grammar explanations and new vocabulary

  • mp3 downloads so you can listen to the course wherever you are

  • tests at the end of the grammar and vocabulary sections to check that you have understood the lesson

  • exam  and  certificate at end of course

Ready? Let's get started!

Who this course is for:
  • Students of the Italian language - Elementary level
  • Lovers of Italian cooking
Course content
6 sections • 6 lectures • 1h 10m total length
  • What you will learn in this course
  • Making Eggplant Parmesan while learning new vocabulary and grammar.
  • How much have you understood?
    5 questions
  • Vocabulary and expressions connected with cooking
  • How much have you understood?
    5 questions
  • Modal verbs and conjugation of verbs in present simple.
  • How much have you understood?
    5 questions
  • Veronica reviews what you have learned in this mini-course
  • Continue studying with Veronica!

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One World has been teaching languages to students from all over the world since 2001 at our school in Cagliari, Italy, and online.

We have decided to combine our knowledge and experience of teaching languages in our school and online to create a complete course - quality, informative and fun videos with downloadable material and quizzes. We think our online language courses are hard to beat. We offer:

1) Italian courses. One World Italiano is the industry leader in the teaching of Italian. Our Facebook page has over 135,000 followers, our resource site One World Italiano has thousands of visitors every day and our YouTube channel, hosted by Veronica Altana, has over 125,000 subscribers. And it is Veronica who has created the Italian courses you can find here on Udemy. Like on YouTube she uses humour and expertise to create her own unique style. Unlike on YouTube, the videos are professionally filmed and edited, there is downloadable material, progress tests and there are MP3 audio downloads so you can listen to her lessons everywhere.

2) English courses. Taught by Michael Pett who has been teaching at One World since 2013. Michael uses all the experience and knowledge he has accumulated during this time to create informative and entertaining courses from Elementary (A1) to Intermediate 1 (B1.1) level, according to the The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). If you need to learn the grammar Michael will teach you in his professional and fun style.

If you choose to learn a language with One World you can be sure of the quality of the course and there is no doubt that you will learn more than you thought possible online with expert teachers supported by a well-established school. And not only that - our lessons are actually fun! You will enjoy learning with us. Trust One World to teach you a language.