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IT Fundamentals : accelerate your career in IT.
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Discover how the IT industry still has a buzz, is dynamic and fast changing, and is relevant to many aspects of business, our personal lives and job opportunities.
Gain perspectives to inform your career planning, whether you are interested in working within IT, or marketing and selling it.
Understand the "why" of IT, rather than just "what" it is. Learn how it's a valuable enabler for business operations as well as for business transformation.
Coming soon: Build your knowledge foundations for further learning with introductions to hot new areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Science, Internet of Things and Edge Computing.


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Interested in working in the IT Industry and want to understand the IT fundamentals first - then this course is for you. Presented by Simon Fowler, creator of the 2DeCipher YouTube channel and with 25 years working in the IT Industry in a variety of roles from technical through to sales and marketing. The IT Industry is probably broader than you think and a great place to work.

The 2DeCipher tag-line is "technology made simple". Here are some comments from viewers of my content.

  • "This is by far the most clear explanation I have been provided with ever. Thank you!"

  • "This is one of the best videos explaining hyperconvergence!"

  • "Wow, so clarifying. Thanks a lot."

  • "Damn well explained! Awesome!"

In this course, my aim is to demystify an industry which is full of jargon and which can be hard to make sense of. The content will suit technical and non-technical learners with concepts explained in straightforward language.

Once you have the fundamentals of IT understood, this is an industry which can support your most ambitious aspirations. Potential roles include: IT Support, Software Development, Solution Architect, IT Manager, Project Manager, Product Manager and many more. As you will discover, the industry encompasses the whole value chain from designers and sellers of IT solutions (software and hardware), through resellers and distributors, and of course the IT organisations which manage IT on behalf of all the businesses around the world.

Who this course is for:

  • Students with an interest in working within the IT industry and who want to know more about it.
  • Professionals already working within IT, whether using or managing it or selling and marketing it, who wish to understand it more broadly.
  • Business leaders who know what IT does for their operations today but would like to leverage it to power business transformation.

Course content

1 section9 lectures1h 11m total length
  • Introduction
  • Information Technology - the "why"
  • IT - The Why
    2 questions
  • Meet Dave the IT Guy
  • Dave the IT Guy
    1 question
  • IT - a game with many pieces
  • A game with many pieces
    3 questions
  • A brief history of IT
  • Brief history of IT
    2 questions
  • IT Vendors Part 1 - Desktops to Servers
  • IT Vendors Part 1
    2 questions
  • IT Vendors Part 2 - Storage, Networking and Software
  • Storage, Networking and Software
    2 questions
  • Server market share
  • Server market share
    1 question
  • IT Consumers - Overview of an IT organisation
  • IT Organisation
    2 questions


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An MBA qualified professional with an engineering background and significant leadership experience in sales, marketing and training gained over 25 years within the IT industry.

Key strength is the assimilation of complex situations, identifying gaps in performance and helping derive solutions to improve business outcomes. Focused on building training which enhances personal and business performance within the domains of IT, analytics and data science.