Iso Style Choreo No. 1 Chapter 1

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Learn your first Iso Style Dance Choreography
Improve your flexibility, sense of rhythm and coordination skills
Learn to coordinate movements and combine them with each other
Gain more self-confidence through a new form of body expression


  • No previous experience necessary.


Do you love to dance? Me too!

I am the German artist Sonia Asmahan aka Lady Volcano and I have taught hundreds of women the oriental dance. Iso Style has it's origine in belly dance, but now it has a new expression, because the beautiful moves of the belly dance are combined with street dance moves. 

Try out Iso Style! May be it's the dance for you.

Get access to the first chapter of the Iso Style choreography No. 1 for free with 4 beautiful and dynamic Iso Style moves including arm variations in my library of over 10 step-by-step Iso Style Tutorial Videos, a Warm Up and a Cool Down.

Get into the groove and learn how to dance Iso Style in this one hour dance workshop. The videos can be skipped or repeated according to your dancing skills.  However, I recommend that even advanced dancers invest the time to go through the explanatory videos at least once, as Iso Style is mostly internal-body and many muscles should first be activated to enable a clear and smooth body line.

Welcome to the world of Iso Style and now you are invited to become one of the first Iso Style dancers in the world.

Show Up & Dance!!!

Chapter 1:

Iso Kick Walk 2. position

Iso Double Kick 2. position

Cycle Side Kick 2. position

Iso Chassée Side Kick 2. position

Who this course is for:

  • To all who like to dance and want to try something new.


Lady Volcano - Creator of the Iso Style
Sonia Asmahan
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Hey, Sonia Asmahan here...Lady Volcano! I am the Creator of Iso Style and I am having a unique Iso Style Dance Choreography for you.
When I was 9 years old I wanted to learn ballet, but they told me, that I  don't have the right figure for it. Unfortunately I believed it. That's why I only started to dance in adulthood and ..... became a professional belly dance performer and teacher for more then 25 years.
Today I can say that I have taught hundreds of women the oriental dance. I also liked to think outside the box and tried other dance styles. I developed Iso Style after I learned street dance. I realized that street dance and belly dance are not that far away of each other, because both dances are intuitive and originated on the streets. Only the expression is totally opposite to it, because you have the female expression in bellydancing and the male expression in Street Dance.

Iso Style is a great thing. Through the inner-body movements from oriental dance, you can express yourself with soft and sexy moves of a woman and combine it with  cool and powerful  moves of a man. Let yourself be surprised how much fun it is.

- It’s easy.

- It’s attractive.

- It’s for you.







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