iPhone Filmmaking for Beginners
4.6 (179 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
837 students enrolled

iPhone Filmmaking for Beginners

Master the power of capturing incredible audio & video on your iPhone, from a world leader in iPhoneography.
4.6 (179 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
837 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • How to master your iPhone's camera system to capture pro quality video and audio
  • How to confidently use all the imaging modes on your iPhone to achieve great results
  • All the hacks and secrets to opening up your iPhone as a competent camera tool
  • Essential, affordable accessories that build your iPhone out into a full camera system
  • Must have basic operational knowledge of your iPhone

Welcome to one of the most detailed, in-depth tutorial guides we've ever created on storytelling with your iPhone. Presented by globally awarded director Jason van Genderen, this easy-to-follow course takes you through all the essentials you'll need to completely change the quality of what you'll be able to capture with your mobile. Lean on Jason's depth of knowledge (he's instructed for Apple, Nikon, Sony and the Motion Picture Association) and experience running Australia's first iPhone Storytelling Agency. You'll learn:

  • Why Shoot Mobile? - Jason explains the rise of the iPhone as a camera choice

  • iPhone Camera 101 - Deep-dive hacks for your iPhone's cameras

  • iPhone Edit Modes - Learn how to manually grade your stills and videos in-phone

  • Lensing Options - What are you iPhone's lenses capable of capturing?

  • Choosing an Accessory Lens System - How to work out exactly what's best for you

  • Recording Audio - In-depth tips, comparisons and examples to master your sound

  • Capturing Great Interviews - A masterclass itself on nailing incredible interviews everytime

  • Lighting & Filters - How to understand lighting, how to shape it, accessory lights & filters

  • Stability & Motion - Techniques and useful, affordable accessories for smooth camera work

  • iOS Apps for Video - Which are the go-to Apps you need to try to change your filming game?

  • Workflow Tips - Best Practice concepts and models for mastering every shoot

  • Income Generating Ideas - Obsessed with your newfound knowledge? Here's how you can use it to make an income!

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner content creators looking to upskill with deep experience and inspirational techniques
Course content
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13 lectures 05:03:41

You gotta walk the talk.

Choosing a mentor with not only creative but working business experience in this field is essential. Jason van Genderen has been winning film festivals with his smartphone-filmed short film content since 2008. He's now operating Australia's first smartphone powered content creation agency, Treehouse Creative (@WeAreTreehouse), and is regularly called on by the media to present stories on mobile movie making.

Preview 02:09

So really... why shoot mobile?

What makes your iPhone such a great camera tool? Let's face it, people will doubt you because they don't know what your iPhone is actually capable of capturing, from everyday social media posts all the way up to full broadcast quality footage. In this first tutorial, we'll look at your iPhone as:

  • A complete production ecosystem (from pre-production, production to post-production)

  • A scalable creative tool (grow your ability and skills by building the camera's capacity on your iPhone)

  • The easily accessible camera (for anyone)

  • An enabler of Lean Forward Filming (LFF - a whole new way to imagine your video shoot)

  • The friendly camera (iPhone cameras break down the 'filming fear' factor)

  • A production ninja (Film anywhere, anytime without the restrictive red-tape of larger crews)

Preview 07:32

iPhone Camera 101 - let's master the essentials first!

It's easy to take our iPhones for granted. I mean we know how they take pictures but do you really know all the features and hacks for your iPhone's camera? I thought so... in this tutorial we'll cover:

  • What are 'front' and 'rear' lenses?

  • Manually setting and locking focus and exposure

  • Fine tuning exposure settings

  • There's more than one way to trigger your shutter!

  • All your iPhone's different camera modes easily explained

  • How to shoot true Tele(photo) videos and stills

  • Filming orientations explained (vertical v landscape)

  • Detailed camera settings + options

  • Lens management

Preview 22:32

Your iPhone's inbuilt Edit Modes

Yes - most people never realised there's powerful image editing functions already built-in to your iPhone's system software. In this tutorial we'll cover:

  • How to trim the in & out (start & end) points of a video clip

  • Adjusting the playback speed of Slo-mo clips

  • Manual colour grading controls for stills AND video clips

  • Using digital filters

  • Crop, stretch, flip, rotate, re-scale your videos

iPhone Camera 101 - image edit modes

How do your iPhone's lenses work?

Learn how to love the lenses already on your phone plus some incredible accessory mobile lens attachments too. In this tutorial chapter we'll cover:

  • Understanding different shot sizes, and how to use them creatively in your storytelling

  • Why video loves Tele (telephoto) lenses

  • How you can shoot with shallow depth-of-field on your phone

  • Accessory lenses made-for-mobile

Lensing Options

This conversation covers an in-depth discussion about how to choose the right lens system for your smartphone filmmaking. What do you need to consider before you commit to a particular brand or type? Treehouse Founder Jason van Genderen and Digital Storyteller Niall Mountaine discuss the things you need to think about BEFORE you spend your cash on accessory glass.

PODCAST LISTEN: Choosing an Accessory Lens System

How to capture clean audio on your iPhone!

iPhones have never had a strong reputation for capturing great sound in video recordings,  but this chapter will expose all the tips and tricks we use to capture clean, professional sound every take, every time. Learn about:

  • Working with sound wave reflections

  • The difference between in-built and accessory microphones

  • Listening to a sound scene & eliminating distractions

  • Adding context to your audio

  • Sound recording tips & hacks

  • Different types of accessory microphone and what they do

  • Best practice principles for recording sound

Recording Audio

Join Treehouse Founder Jason van Genderen, Producer Olivia Fairhall and Digital Storyteller Niall Mountaine in this enlightening look into how to record fantastic video interviews. We'll cover everything from pre-production processes right through to things to do on the shoot day itself, and even how to save time and headspace in post-production too. If you're interested in recording interview dialogues in any format, don't miss this discussion!

PODCAST LISTEN: Capturing Great Interviews

How to achieve great lighting for iPhone shoots.

Lighting is often overlooked in the lean-forward age of iPhone storytelling, but it's one of the most influencing factors in shaping an incredible looking shot. Regardless of what camera you film with, understanding the properties of light and how we can affect and shape the look light creates will change the way you film everything. This tutorial will cover:

  • How small camera lenses & sensors work with available light

  • How to use natural light effectively

  • The role of reflectors & scrims

  • Handy accessory lights on a budget

  • Multi-light set-ups explained

  • The role of filters in correcting light

Lighting & Filters

Mastering the steady shot!

The smaller & lighter our iPhones have become the harder they are to keep steady. In this tutorial chapter, we look at stabilisation techniques AND motion techniques that will allow you to shoot very impressive footage, every time.

  • Holding grips and positions

  • Stability tricks & hacks

  • iPhone grips & attachments

  • When to use a mini tripod, a mid size and a full size tripod

  • Building a string monopod

Stability & Motion

The most important Apps for Video.

In this tutorial, we'll look at my top picks for creative Apps that will game-change how and what you can shoot on your iPhone. I was meant to only cover my top 5 selections, but I've snuck a few extras in there just to get you excited. Learn what to put on your phone for pre-production, filming and post-production gold! Everything from a handy guide showing you where the sun will move to a full-featured editing app that gives desktop systems a run for their money.

iPhone Apps for Video

You've come on an incredible learning journey on this course and my task wouldn't be complete without sharing our best Workflow Tips for ensuring a smooth smartphone shoot every time. I'm joined by Treehouse's Digital Storyteller Niall Mountaine as we walk through the lessons we've learned from years of filming on iPhones. Learn from our mistakes so you can master the medium way faster!

PODCAST LISTEN: Workflow Tips for Phone Filmmakers

In conclusion, we wanted to add an extra podcast conversation for those hoping to make some income by shooting on their iPhones. We've done it, and there's countless ways you can do it too. If you have a creative eye, a storyteller heart and a desire to connect the two with a viable income... join Founder of Treehouse (Australia's first dedicated smartphone storytelling agency) Jason van Genderen and Digital Storyteller Niall Mountaine as they reflect on commercial opportunities and pathways to make money from what you love doing most... shooting on your iPhone!

PODCAST LISTEN: Income Generating Opportunities