IP Addressing for Beginners - CCNA Preparation

Everything a beginner needs to know about IP addresses and basics of Network Communication.
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Develop a better understanding of networking through real-life examples.
Convert numbers from Binary to Decimal format (and reverse).
Convert IPv4 Addresses from Binary notation to Dotted-decimal notation for easier reading (and reverse).
Understand the differences between IPv4 and IPv6.
Understand the concepts and flaws of Classful addressing.
Learn about Classless addressing and why it's better than its predecessor.
Understand the different types of IP Addresses (Private, Public, Static, Dynamic).
Set up and configure your own private network.


  • You should be able to do basic mathematical operations.
  • You should have a very basic knowledge in using a computer.


Information Technology is a huge topic and I believe that Networking and Data Communications are a major branch of that topic. This course might serve as a stepping stone into a whole other world if you want to change the path your career is heading or if you are simply eager to learn something new. IP addressing is a tool that will make computer networks way easier to understand, because it can be explained with many real-life analogies and the knowledge can be applied elsewhere immediately.

Master and Understand IP Addressing Through Real-life Examples and Analogies in this Course.

  • IPv4 & IPv6 Addresses
  • IP Address Notations
  • Classful and Classless Addressing
  • IPv4 Classes and Blocks
  • Network & Host Portions of an IP Address
  • Private & Public IP Addresses
  • Dynamic & Static IP Addresses
  • Learn How to set-up Your Own Private Network

As the IP Addressing Course is mainly meant for beginners we will start off with fairly basic topics, however as we progress through the course you might notice an advancement towards more complicated topics. I will assist you in grasping this knowledge and using it to accomplish something in real life

This course will help you prepare for any networking exam that includes IP Addressing, whether that is a simple school/college exam or a certification exam (such as the CCNA). It also covers the importance of IP Addressing, the skills and the terminology needed to set up networks, comfortably, on your own.

Who this course is for:

  • People that want to get a better understanding of networks.
  • People who are preparing for some kind of networking exam, such as CCNA.
  • Also people that want to take a new road in the IT world.
  • And finally, people who are curious about how the modern communication works.


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