IoT - Turn a light on with your iPhone

IoT course providing students required knowledge to create BLE / iOS 9 apps using XCode and the Swift programming
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Create an iPhone app of your own to control something using IoT Technology


  • Basic Swift iPhone programming
  • Students need access to an iPhone with iOS 9, a Mac computer running OSX 10.11 that can run the XCode 7 developer tool and a basic mobile programming understanding.


Course Description

Learn the basic concepts of the IoT. Learn how BlueTooth Low Energy (BLE) is used to control devices and how to use iOS development tools for developing a simple application with actual hands on coding examples of how to create a real BLE iOS application that controls an IoT Device capable of switching 110V AC on and off using the Swift programming language for iOS 9.

Build a strong foundation in XCode 7 and Swift. This course helps you understand and implement IoT BLE technology in your own app with the latest technologies.

  • Swift programming language
  • XCocde 7
  • iOS 9
  • CoreBlueTooth LE fundamentals
  • Overview of BlueTooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • IoT device integration
  • Low Voltage switches to safely control 110V AC

Professional skills and experience from an iOS Architect with over 8 years experience.

Learn the fundamentals but also tips and tricks of the experts. Learn about the different type of BlueTooth and how to use CoreBlueTooth for iOS.

We will walk thru XCode setup and creation of a project for iOS iPhone application that uses CoreBlueTooth to include BLE Integration with an actual device.

Content and Overview

This course explains Apples CoreBlueTooth framework and how it is used with iPhone application development. We explain the overall system in detail from developing the iOS application to connecting to BLE devices. We explain how the CoreBlueTooth framework works and how to integrate it into an application with examples in Swift, Apples latest programming language for the iPhone. All examples are based on iOS 9.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Detailed explanations of CoreBlueTooth technology for iOS 9
  • Learn how to integrate into your apps from an iOS professional
  • Suitable for any iOS programmer, Swift basics for CoreBlueTooth are presented, no experience as a UI developer or server developer is expected.
  • Teaching by example, hands on example showing every detail to the smallest degree from starting a new application to running it on a device.
  • Access to Instructors GitHub account with many extras and examples.

If you don't have a BLE device don't worry, we provide a simulator that runs on a Mac OSX system to help your development.

Who this course is for:

  • iPhone Developers interested in IoT technology
  • iPhone Developers interested in BlueTooth BLE Technology

Course content

3 sections12 lectures1h 7m total length
  • Introduction


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Tom Jay
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I've been developing mobile applications for over 8 years with focus on iOS. I have taught in-class paid course for a major training company in San Francisco.

I have over 20 years of Enterprise Server development with Java/J2EE, Oracle, MySQL, XML/JSON Web Services, API development and location based systems using MongoDB.

I have created dozens of mobile apps form Banking, Social Messaging, Event Discover and Medical device interfaces.

I like mobile payments and iBeacon integration.

I mainly focus on IoT development (BLE) for IoT and iBeacon technologies.

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