iOS 11 & Swift 4 - The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp
4.7 (31,158 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
115,617 students enrolled

iOS 11 & Swift 4 - The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp

Learn iOS 11 App Development From Beginning to End. Using Xcode 9 and Swift 4. Includes Full ARKit and CoreML Modules!
4.7 (31,158 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
115,612 students enrolled
Created by Dr. Angela Yu
Last updated 10/2019
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This course includes
  • 49 hours on-demand video
  • 103 articles
  • 26 downloadable resources
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What you'll learn
  • Be able to build any app you want
  • Craft a portfolio of apps to apply for junior developer jobs
  • Build fully-fledged apps for your startup or business
  • Work as a freelance iOS developer
  • Master creating Augmented Reality apps using Apple’s new ARKit
  • Create your first Machine Learning app using Apple’s new CoreML
Course content
Expand all 474 lectures 49:25:22
+ Getting Started with iOS 11 and Swift 4
11 lectures 47:04
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In this lesson, I'll walk though the tools you'll need to start developing apps for iOS. Including a mac computer and what to do if you don't have a physical iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad.

Preview 11:52

In this lesson, I'll walk you though step-by-step how to install Xcode 9 on to your computer and get ready to start building iOS apps with Xcode 9. We'll take you to the App Store and show you how to download and install Xcode.

Preview 03:56
A Walkthrough of the Xcode Development Environment
Download the Swift Cheat Sheet and a Map of Xcode
The Anatomy of an iOS App
+ iOS Interface Builder - The $999 App
11 lectures 39:59
The I Am Rich App
How to Properly Create a New Xcode Project
What is a Bundle Identifier?
Let's Design the User Interface Using Storyboards
How to Position User Interface (UI) Elements
Download the Pre-Prepared Image Assets Here
How to Incorporate Image Assets into Your Xcode Project
What's the Difference Between Points and Pixels & How to Design iOS Image Assets
App Icon Dimensions and a Brief History of Graphics
Asset Catalogue Compiler Warning
Run and Test Your App!
+ Sideloading in iOS
4 lectures 14:35
What is Sideloading and How Can You Get Your App onto Your iPhone?
A Note About Sideloading and Permissions
How to Sideload Your App using Xcode
[Optional] How to Get a Professional Apple Developer Account
+ Coding Challenge #1 - Using Interface Builder in Xcode
8 lectures 11:15
What are Coding Challenges?
What You Will Create by the End of this Challenge
What is GitHub and How to Download the Stub Projects
Download the Project Stub Here
Step 1 - Add a UILabel
Step 2 - Add and Arrange the ImageView
Step 3 - Design your App to your Heart's Content
Show Off Your Work!
+ Build a iOS Dice App to Learn Swift Programming Basics
13 lectures 01:32:51
What You'll Make by the End of This Module
Download the Pre-Prepared Image Assets Here
How to Design Your App
Linking Design with Code
[Common Errors] IBOutlets/IBActions Debugging
How to Create Randomisation in Swift
A Note About Playgrounds
Data Types, Constants and Variables
How to Solve the Error: "The Maximum Number of Provisioning Profiles Reached"
Learn About Arrays in Swift and Programmatically Update the Display
[How to Become a Better Programmer] The DRY Principle
How to Add Motion Detection in to Your App
Download the Completed App Project
+ Coding Challenge #2 - Swift Data Types, Variables and Arrays
13 lectures 35:31
What You'll Build in this Coding Challenge
Step 1 - Create a New Xcode Project
Step 2 - Download the Image Asset's We've Already Prepared for You
Step 3 - Add App Icons to Your Project
Step 4 - Add the 8 Ball Images
Step 5 - Setup the Canvas
Step 6 - Design the App in Interface Builder
Step 7 - Link the Design with Code
Step 8 - Make the Ball Image Change with Your Code
Step 9 - Make a Method
Step 10 - Add Shake Gesture Detection
If You Get Stuck...
Optional: Magic 8 Ball Solution Walk Through
+ Programming in Swift 4 for Beginners [Using Swift Playgrounds]
13 lectures 02:28:02
Introduction to the Programming Modules
Comments, Print Statements and Debug Console
Optional Review: Data Types, Constants and Variables
Swift Functions: Part 1 - The Simple Function
Swift Functions: Part 2 - Functions with Inputs
Swift Functions Part 3 - Functions with Outputs
Control Flow with Conditional Statements in Swift (IF/ELSE)
Download the Completed Swift Playgrounds
[Challenge] Make a BMI Calculator in Swift Playgrounds
Optional: BMI Calculator Challenge Solution
Introduction to Loops in Swift - The For In loop
Using Loops in Your Program
Optional: A Brain Teaser with Loops and the Fibonacci Sequence
+ Apple iOS APIs - Make a Music App
12 lectures 01:22:23
What You'll Make by the End of This Module
Download the Skeleton Project
How to Use Tags in the Storyboards
How to Use the Apple Documentation to Tap into Any iPhone Capability You Want
The Swift 4 Programming Language Guide from Apple
Incorporate AVFoundation to Play Sound
Error Catching in Swift 4 - Do, Catch and Try
Create a Method to Contain the Sound Playing Functionality
[Common Swift Errors] "Index Out of Range" and How to Debug it
Make the App Play a Different Sound for Each Button
The Importance of "Scope" in Programming
Download the Completed App Project
+ The Model-View-Controller (MVC) Design Pattern - Make a Quiz App
19 lectures 02:10:31
What You'll Make by the End of This Module
Download the Skeleton Project Here
Set up the Project
What is a Property List (.plist)?
Let's Create a Data Model
Further Reading
Object-Oriented Programming - What are Objects and Classes?
Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) a Quick Note from Steve Jobs
Creating the Question Bank Class
Initialise the First Question
How to Progress Through the Question Bank
[Debugging Practice] Using the Xcode Debug Console
How to Implement a UIAlertController and Show a Popup to the User
A High Level Overview of How Our App Works
How to Track Progress and Score
How to Incorporate Objective-C Code in to Swift
Background on the Questions
Download the Completed App Project
+ Coding Challenge #3 - Control Flow - Build a Story App Like Lifeline
9 lectures 40:35
What You'll Build in This Coding Challenge
A Choose Your Own Adventure Game
Step 1 - Download the Skeleton Project
Step 2 - Make a Note of the Tag Properties
Step 3 - Set up the Introductory Screen
Step 4 - Take the Story One Step Further
Step 5 - Keeping Track of State
Step 6- Use Comparators to Let the User Progress Through the Game
Optional: Destini Solution Walk Through
  • No programming experience needed - I'll teach you everything you need to know
  • A Mac laptop or iMac (or a PC running macOS)
  • No paid software required - all apps will be created in Xcode 9 (which is free)
  • I'll walk you through, step-by-step how to get Xcode installed set up

PLEASE NOTE: This is the 2017 version of the course. It is for students who cannot update to iOS 13 or macOS Catalina. For the latest version of this course, please search for "Angela Yu iOS 13".

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  • Control Structures: Using If/­Else clauses, Switch statements and logic to control the flow of execution.

  • Data Structures: How to work with collections, such as arrays and dictionaries.

  • Software Design: How to organise and format code for readability and how to implement the Model ­View­ Controller (MVC) design pattern.

  • Networking: How to make asynchronous API calls, store and retrieve data from the cloud, and use the JSON format for server communication.

  • Machine Learning: How to make artificially intelligent apps using iOS 11's new CoreML framework.

  • Augmented Reality: How to create 3D objects in augmented reality and create incredible animations and real-life interactions using Apple's latest ARKit framework.

  • Core Data, Realm and other forms of persistent data storage.

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"I have taken several iOS courses, so far this course had the best explanation on swift and xcode documentation. The lecturer is kinda humorous sometimes which make this course even more enjoyable." - Bryan Pukanda

"I have taken lots of courses on udemy and elsewhere for self learning and i can tell you with all the honesty this is one course which i did not wanted to end. It is like one of those movies that you wish keeps going. Whatever concepts are covered were covered very beautifully and made learning quite simple. I got so many answers to Why? in this course like how closures work and why they work that way... why delegates work that way. Thank you so much for this course." - Arun Lakhera

"I compare this to another top iOS class on Udemy, but I think that this one beats it. The reason? Angela doesn't show you a plethora of material and then say that we will discuss this later, or say "just do this. You will see why later." She goes into the reason for doing something before doing it."  - Clyde Addison

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"This is the best-organized course for starting Swift that I've seen. The course is excellent for teaching Swift programming including vital information using Xcode, Github, Cocoapods, Stack Overflow, Alamofire, Firebase, REST APIs and all the services commonly used by app developers. They show all the ways of using Xcode and other services that took me months to learn willy nilly. Wish I had this course a year ago but even with a year of Swift experience I still found a lot of great information and helpful tips. Love all the extras the course provides especially the assets(graphics, sound files, etc) for practice projects as I'm always taking too much time to find some assets to play with. This course understands how to teach programmers by giving them the toolsets and abilities they need to build apps. The course teaches the foundation of the language as well as skills to build your knowledge and improve your troubleshooting skills. Angela is a wonderful speaker and should do the voiceovers on everyone's instructional videos, seriously. :)" - Marcy Vernon

"Before I took this course , I was struggling with android development as well as Xcode I found out that I really didn't understand inputs, output, and return statements. thank you Angela for making things clear." - Darrick Little

"Def. an amazing and awesome class for learning iOS programming. I've been coding for years and taken many programming related classes on Udemy and this is def. one of the best. The instructor walks you through all the in's and out's of developing apps for the iOS platform. Top Shelf A++ class." - Mirko Cukich

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Who this course is for:
  • If you are an absolute beginner to coding, then take this course.
  • If you are a seasoned programmer, then take this course to to get up to speed quickly with Swift 4 and native app development. Start with the Xcode walkthrough lesson and we'll get you familiar with iOS development in no time!
  • If you are switching from Objective-C to Swift then this is a fast-track way of doing it. You can get started straight away with the Intermediate Swift Language module.
  • If you are a pro iOS developer and want to quickly get up to date with Apple's new iOS 11 APIs, then start with the modules on ARKit and CoreML.