Create a simple, cheap, and diversified investment portfolio

How to invest your money once you embrace that you can't beat the market, which very few investors can.
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you will better be able to appreciate how hard it is to outperform the financial markets and how liberating it is to embrace that you can't.
be able to create a super simple and cheap investment portfolio for your savings.
be in better position to avoid paying too high fees for your investments.


  • you need to know what an investment is. what equities and bonds are, but otherwise very introductory


Lars Kroijer’s investing video series. This course is based on the premise that you are highly unlikely to beat the market, or to be able to pick an investment fund that outperforms the market consistently for you, which only 1 out of 10 funds do over a ten year period. We explain why accepting this premise is important, and then walk through the theory behind this investment philosophy, and how there is a super simple, cheap and powerful alternative way to manage investments that don’t imply that you are somehow an investment superstar. The course is based on a practical implementation of optimal portfolio theory.

You only need to buy only cheap world equity index tracker plus low risk asset and think about your risk personal risk levels. The course will also help you avoid paying large unnecessary fees to the financial sector and highly likely leave you much better off in the long run. The course also describes how you can implement the cheap and optimal portfolio from a practical perspective using index tracking investment products like ETFs that are available to virtually all investors, and thus avoid the much higher fees of the mutual fund industry.

The structure of the course is as follows:

1.    Introduce the concept

2.    Convince investors of the low likelihood of being able to beat the markets

3.    Explain why you only need one world equity index tracker for your equity portfolio

4.    Outline how a portfolio combining this equity exposure with a low risk asset in proportions to suit your risk profile is the simplest and best portfolio for most people.

5.    How you actually go about implementing the portfolio with specific examples of products.

This course is useful for anyone with savings and investments who is thinking about pension, retirement, or simply securing their financial future, and generally worry about the best way to manage their assets. It is a short 30+ minute course with some backup material and ultimately the concepts are described in great detail in Lars Kroijer’s book on the topic, “Investing Demystified” (Financial Times Publishing). More on Lars Kroijer's homepage

Who this course is for:

  • course is for people with even a small amount of savings who are uncertain how to navigate their investments and fear they are over-charges by banks, etc.

Course content

5 sections5 lectures31m total length
  • Introduction


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Lars Kroijer
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Mr. Kroijer (born 1972) is the founder and managing director of Alliedcrowds – the leading directory and aggregator of alternative capital into the world’s 132 lower and middle income countries.  He is the author of "Money Mavericks - Confessions of a Hedge Fund Manager" (Financial Times Press – 2010 & 2012 - 2nd edition) and “Investing Demystified – How to Invest without Speculation and Sleepless Nights” (Financial Times Press - 2013).  

Mr. Kroijer currently serves on the advisory board of alternative investment funds in London, New York, and Hong Kong.  He has frequently appeared as a finance expert on a broad range of media, including BBC, CNN, CNBC, FT, Bloomberg, Reuters, NY Times, Forbes, etc.  

Previously Mr. Kroijer was the CIO of Holte Capital Ltd, a London-based market neutral special situations hedge fund which he founded in 2002 before returning external capital in the spring of 2008. Prior to establishing Holte Capital, Mr. Kroijer served in the London office of HBK Investments focusing on special situations investing. In addition, he previously worked at SC Fundamental, a value-focused hedge fund, and the investment banking division of Lazard Frères, both in New York.  While in graduate school Mr. Kroijer held internships with the private equity firm Permira Advisors (then Schroder Ventures) and management consulting firm McKinsey & Co.  

Mr. Kroijer graduated Magna cum Laude from Harvard University with a degree in economics and received a MBA from Harvard Business School.  

A Danish national, Mr. Kroijer lives in London and is married with twin daughters.