Intuitive, Interactive Kahoot Quiz Design for Teachers

Boost student engagement, save time, and create better learning environments with intuitive & interactive Kahoots
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Create optimized media on kahoot, includings JPG, PNG, and GIF
Utilize YouTube videos in Kahoot
Understand the flow of creating an intuitive Kahoot
Create intuitive Kahoots that teach students instead of just quizzing them!
Create reusable lessons, grades, HW, tests, and more with Kahoot
Boost student engagement
Understand how to create Kahoots and lessons that utilizes ideal learning methods


  • Basic familiarity with Kahoot will benefit the student
  • Basic familiarity with Photoshop, Gimp, etc., will benefit the student


As of 2017, there are over a million registered teachers on Kahoot and over 50 million users – and for good reason. Kahoot is an exciting, fast paced platform where users can access over 13 million quizzes. Don’t misunderstand! These quizzes are not boring and strenuous. They can be about any topic, are easily played, having fun music, interactive feature, and a scoring system. There is a lot going on with them!

Great! But what is this course about? In this course we focus on the teacher. What are the ways a teacher can use Kahoot, can optimize Kahoot’s slides, and how can a teacher go about introducing new topics to students.

  • How to play Kahoot
  • Kahoot options
  • Media types and limitations
  • Optimizing media types
  • Blind Kahoots
  • Intuitive game design
  • Understanding the spacing effect
  • Designing Kahoot and courses with graduated-interval recall in mind
  • Student participation beyond the game
  • Using Kahoot results
  • Misc. classroom tips

For the teacher, this will mean reusable lessons, more enjoyable classes, greater participation, and more. Students love Kahoot. So let us take advantage of that and maximize their learning.

Who this course is for:

  • Teachers
  • Kahoot users
  • Game designers


Transformation Coach
David Ring III
  • 4.0 Instructor Rating
  • 59 Reviews
  • 3,977 Students
  • 2 Courses

Author David Ring III was born in MA, in 1983. After an atypical upbringing that left him with a negative mindset, he began to seek freedom from his pessimistic thoughts.
With very little interest in the corporate world, he left university in 2006, and began traveling the world. There was no reason to travel; it was just what people aspired to do. For David, he was living life and searching for

From 2007-2010, he settled in central New Hampshire.
After buying a large, beautiful Victorian house in Franklin, NH, the economy went into recession. He began his first business venture, turning this home into a family business, a bed and breakfast. After a few years of this slow and simple living, it was time for himto move on.

Upon coming to Thailand in 2010, he begin writing his first
novel, Bound Before the Morrow, hoping to portray his own personal journey out of negativity and to inspire others to do the same. During the five years it took to write, his views changed slightly, and
spirituality entered the mix. The book still maintained the original message, but a new way of life had opened for David.

David still bases himself in Thailand. He avoids the heat by escaping into air conditioned coffee shops and plunging himself into writing. In this way he gently and articulately shares his philosophical beliefs.

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