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How to fully understand the introvert mind.
Where your nerves, stress and other inhibiting emotions come from.
How to rid yourself of self-critical thinking.
How to charge your social batteries better and more often than before.
How to help others understand and respect your needs.
How to create meaningful and interesting conversations with basically anyone.
How to safely (and almost comfortably) expand your comfort zone.
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Are you an introvert who lacks the confidence and communication tools that allow you to enjoy socializing and networking?

Do you wish you could effortlessly create the kind of conversations and relationships you genuinely enjoy?

Have other confidence programs and “gurus” left you feeling shortchanged or offered only short-term relief?

Welcome to Social Confidence for Introverts, the unrivaled personal-transformation program created by Norway’s most high-profile “social coach,” TJ Guttormsen. For over a decade, TJ has helped thousands of people who identify as introverts achieve breathtaking results that stick.

"Best course by a long shot! The way TJ explains and breaks everything down is absolutely brilliant! For me personally, best teacher on here and I couldn’t recommend this course enough. Have already downloaded TJ’s other course and can’t wait to get started." - BEN YATES, UDEMY STUDENT

"It was an amazing experience through out. It is beyond the expectation. I have boosted my skills and pretty confident now. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience." - JAYSHREE VYKUNTAM, UDEMY STUDENT

With more than 100 national media appearances to date, TJ’s expertise on the subject of social confidence is widely sought after by television, radio, newspaper and magazine reporters.

Over the past decade, TJ has shared the stage with many celebrated self-help experts and change-work practitioners. He has also published books, produced courses, taught workshops and performed 1-to-1 coaching with astoundingly powerful results that have surprised the industry.

TJ’s work is backed up by three university degrees in psychology and pedagogy—as well as a Mensa qualification.

"This course has put the concept of 'introvert' into perspective for me so that I don't see it as negative or a problem that I have anymore. I'm so happy I took this course because now I know how to nurture myself properly to re-energize and gain understanding from others without feeling bad.

TJ has given me some great conversation techniques and ways to move from self doubt to action. All for FREE! Thanks TJ - your knowledge and methodologies have been incredibly helpful, insightful and practical." - DESPINA MALAS, UDEMY STUDENT

"This free course has been vastly superior to other paid Udemy courses..." - PAUL, UDEMY STUDENT

The three pillars of social confidence

With a sharp focus on mind mastery, social awareness, and artful communication, the program takes students on a remarkable journey of self-discovery rooted in the most advanced and sophisticated modern approaches to human psychology.

"This is a wonderful course. Up to the point and very well presented. But it is not only the information that is well researched and presented in an easy understandable and structured way.

What makes this course so special is that TJ Guttormsen makes an excellent job presenting the material. His body language, voice, tone and even his eye movements underline his credibility and underline that he lives according to his standards. So to wrap it up, if there were 10 point to give, I'd give it a 12!!!" - CLAUDIA TOMASCHECK, UDEMY STUDENT

"A real eye opener I love how you broke it down. I now understand why I react a certain way compared to my extrovert friends. This will help me move out of my comfort zone and grow as an individual. Thanks so much." - CAROLE RAMOS, UDEMY STUDENT

By unmasking the dark psychological programming holding most introverts back, the program is designed to quickly and dramatically upgrade your self-confidence, revolutionize your relationships and enhance how others perceive you.

Inside you will discover the three pillars of social confidence:

1. A solid grasp of how your own mind works

2. A deep understanding of other people’s thoughts and emotions

3. The art of connecting instantly and communicating brilliantly

In just under two hours, you’ll discover everything there is to know about becoming a socially confident introvert.

You’ll master social situations in an entirely new way that blasts through many of the psychological, interpersonal and communication challenges that hold most introverts back.

You’ll learn:

—How to bypass small talk and create conversations you actually enjoy with people you naturally click with.

—How to create and maintain friendly networks of people who’ll support rather than pressure, discourage or limit you.

—How to go outside of your comfort zone at an easy, manageable pace.

—How to avoid recklessly venturing into the “panic zone” that drives introverts back to square one.

—How to identify people you truly want to know rather than those you feel obligated to befriend, or who needn't matter.

—How to say “no” without being wracked by unnecessary guilt or shame.

—How to be authentically comfortable in any type of social situation.

—How to help others understand you better.

"TJ is a great communicator and teacher. The course is clear and covers all the essentials to make quick improvements in confidence. I would recommend for introverts as well as others whom want to make improvements in their conversational skills. Thanks TJ" - JENNA L, UDEMY STUDENT

"The teacher truly engages you to keep up with the content and the tips he gives throughout the course are incredibly useful and straight to the point. A lot to learn in just a few hours of content. Just an amazing course!" - SERGIO GUSTAVO SÁNCHEZ LINARES, UDEMY STUDENT

Consistent and reliable results

The program’s focus is on consistent and reliable results—not the boom-and-bust approach of too many fly-by-night personal-change gurus.

First off, you’ll get to understand how the introverted mind really works—so you can begin working with rather than against it.

Second, you’ll discover how to become more at ease in social situations by gaining a truer understanding of how others think, feel and function.

Finally, you’ll learn the three simple secrets to creating exactly the kind of conversations you want, enabling you effortlessly to bridge the gap between your mind and those of others.

Even just an intellectual understanding of the groundbreaking psychology TJ shares in this program could generate instant results for you.

However, combining this understanding with the simple tasks and techniques he recommends will likely lead to permanent and impressive changes faster than you imagined possible.

People already comfortable in their own skin may also benefit from taking this course—for instance, if they want to understand social psychology better, such as the differences between introvert and extrovert minds.

How often have you missed out on beautiful relationships because the self-talk in your mind held you back?

How many professional opportunities have you forfeited because somebody else used their talkativeness to steal all the attention?

How many conversations have drained you of energy simply because you didn’t know how to change them for the better?

After taking this course, you’ll likely never have to face any of those frustrating and debilitating scenarios ever again.

"This is not your average free course. It is packed with useful tips and strategies that I have already started to implement in my life. I can see how this will take me to the next level in my career too. I look forward to doing more of TJ's courses and based on this one have already purchased 2 more." - ALAN BROWN, UDEMY STUDENT

"TJ has a unique ability to teach in an engaging way, and his courses are structured so that the content becomes easy to understand and learn. This ensures that anyone taking his course will be in great hands." - LILLIAN RYDNING, PSYCHOLOGIST AND AUTHOR

This free program will also teach you:


—How to manage and understand your emotions better than ever before.

—How to live in your “growth zone,” where true confidence is built.

—How to identify and eradicate forever that self-doubting, self-critical voice in your head.

—How to put the introvert’s “low-energy charisma” to best use.

—How to recharge your “social energy” more quickly and keep it in place for longer.

Interpersonal Mastery…

—How to boost your emotional intelligence for smoother interactions.

—The secret technique to understanding other people’s insecurities and self-talk.

—How to understand a person at a deep level the moment you meet them.

Communication Mastery…

—How to stop worrying about making a good impression, and what to do instead.

—Three powerful ingredients for creating the outcome you want in any conversation, whether social, romantic or professional.

—How to create an attractive personality and sparkling presence that makes people want to spend more time with you – without having to constantly be a high-energy person.

—How to go straight into conversations that you find interesting and enjoyable with almost anyone you meet.

—How to become comfortable taking the initiative and lead in conversations and relationships.

If you’re an introvert, the next two hours could forever alter the trajectory of your life. Start that journey today.

"I can't believe this is free! - I've got a lot to learn but have already learnt so much in this video course. Will be re-watching it many times and his other courses. The quality is very high and TJ is so likeable and a great instructor." - IAN GEDDES, UDEMY STUDENT

"It's exciting to know that I can become more social, I just need to work at it! I've been socially insecure since I was a kid and almost turning 25 I'm tired of constantly not knowing how to deal with social situations. Now I have a chance to change, thank you for this course!"  - NICOLE EASTER, UDEMY STUDENT

Who this course is for:

  • Introverts
  • People interested in building confidence
  • People interested in improving social skills


Communication Coach
TJ Guttormsen
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TJ Guttormsen has worked with multi-million dollar international businesses, CEOs, award-winning musicians, Olympic athletes and people like you and me for over a decade - helping them improve their communication, social confidence, and performance.

He holds three university degrees in psychology and education and is a multiple-time published author - and here on Udemy, he shares some of his best work to date.

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