Introduction to Your Past Lives Through the Akashic Records
4.7 (10 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Introduction to Your Past Lives Through the Akashic Records

Your past lives carry the record of your soul's history. Find out how to access your many past lives and more, here!
4.7 (10 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
77 students enrolled
Created by Derek Jameson
Last updated 5/2020
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What you'll learn
  • What the Akashic Records are and how to access them.
  • Tips, tools, and safe practice.
  • Trust and vulnerability.
  • Uncovering a deeper sense of self love.
  • Understanding past lives and how they bring understanding and healing in our current lives.
  • The oversoul, higher self, angels, guides, and how they work with us to unlock our past lives.
  • Intuition development tips and tools.
  • The Law of Attraction and how it affects what lives we access.
  • Soul fragmentation and retrieval.
  • Meditations for past life connection, chakra balance, and energy clearing.
  • Brief overview of the Clairs and how they assist in our past life connections.
  • There are no requirements or prerequisites for this course.

This course was designed to give people the tools of tuning into their own past lives.  With a brief overview of energy work, spiritual connections, and how we access our own past lives, we can begin to understand ourselves on a deeper level in this current life we are living. 

There is much physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing which can be birthed from this deeper connection to who we were and who we are becoming. 

Students will walk away with a deeper sense of trust, clarity, and knowing of who they were in times before and even in times to come.  The key is to enter with an open mind and always be sure to have fun. 

Remember that the student is always in control of their beautiful and loving experience. 

Who this course is for:
  • Healers seeking to understand a deeper sense of their multidimensionality.
  • Teachers ready to acquire new skills to assist their students with accessing self healing through the access of past lives.
  • Leaders who are ready to activate their full potential and integrate their own past lives for their present power.
  • Mystics of all types seeking an expansion of their spiritual development and abilities.
  • Artists who want to get a deeper visual sense of their own creations.
  • Curious people seeking answers about who they may have been in one or many of their other lives.
Course content
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+ Introduction and Welcome
1 lecture 01:30

Here is a brief overview of what I will cover in the course.  This course is meant to be a window of possibilities to explore, as this is just a very short introduction to this expansive field.

Preview 01:30
+ Disclaimer
1 lecture 00:31

Disclaimer: Every lecture is based on personal experience in the field. The course does not teach or certify the student to conduct regressions and does not reflect the method in which I practice with private clients. This course is a means of tuning into the student’s own akashic records and past lives via meditation and dreamwork and is not to be practiced on any other person than oneself. Discussion of regression work is referenced to explain examples for the student.

*All music is written and performed by Derek Jameson under the alias Majesdy. All rights owned.  All extra video is purchased stock footage.

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+ What are the Akashic Records and Past Lives?
6 lectures 14:05

This is an introduction to this module where you can get an idea of what to expect from the following information.  Printout the PDF File attached for Module 1 Points of Interest. 

Introduction to 'What are the Akashic Records and Past Lives?'

Here we will acquire a little bit of background on the akashic records as applied to accessing your past lives.

What are the Akashic Records?

Learn exactly what past lives are and why the are useful to know!

Preview 03:24

Future lives are also accessed to give us important information about our soul's journey.  Understand how we are able to see a future life we will have in this lecture. 

What are Future Lives?

Understanding how parallel lives affect our current life we are living now is also useful to some.  Check out how the can be of use alongside past and future timelines!

What are Parallel Lives?

Everything is Law of Attraction.  Accessing past lives is also based off of vibrational resonance.  Join me where I go over how this is possible and why we access these certain lives.

The Law of Attraction in Relation to Past Lives
If life is about learning, teaching, and growth, then what is this lifetime teaching us? What are we teaching others? We don't often get the time to reflect on our relationships with ourselves, others, and the world around us.
Your Life Lessons and Purpose
2 questions

This short quiz will cover a basic understanding of the course material in the previous segment. 

Module 1 Quiz
3 questions
+ Past Life Regression, Past Life Meditation, Safe Practices, Tips and Tools
7 lectures 36:13

A past life regression is different than a past life meditation.  I will cover the differences between the two.  We will also go over how to enter with trust, stay present, and tune up in vibration.  Activating the third eye and balancing our chakras will also assist in creating the best possible experience.  Printout the PDF File attached for Module 2 Points of Interest. 

Introduction to Past Life Regression/Meditation, Safe Practices, Tips and Tools

A past life regression is carried out by a professional in the field.  This is a deeper state of past life access and should be carried out by someone who is professionally trained.  This section will go over what a regression is and how it is different than a mediation. 

Past Life Regression

Past life meditations can be so fun and explorative.  There are many guided meditations to access on all sorts of platforms.  The meditation is very different than a regression as it is not tailor made to discover specific information.  This video will talk about the difference and what to expect. 

Past Life Meditation

We are all very in tune with past lives without fully realizing it.  I will show you the ways you may already be in connection with one or more of your many past lives. 

How We Are Already Tuned Into Our Past Lives

Trust is very important when going into access your records.  Sometimes there are traumatic scenes which are accessed and it's always important to remember to stay present, tune up to the highest vibration, and know that you are in control at all times. 

Trust, Conscious Breath, and Tuning Up

The doorway to psychic abilities! I will discuss how it helps you see past lives and tips to activating it!

Your Third Eye (Pineal Gland)

This is a guided meditation I have created for this course.  It will allow you cleanse and clear your 7 main chakras for the best possible experience.  You can also use these tools for future reference when needing a routine balancing! 

The music in meditation is composed by myself and under the alias 'Majesdy.'  The album which this music can be found on is called 'Dragon.'  It is a channeled work that is meant to take you on an astral journey into your own Akashic Records.

Chakra Balancing and Cleansing Meditation
This is a chance for you to create your own mantra for tuning up and connecting to your highest guidance. I want you to use your own words and do what feels right for you!
Create Your Own Mantra!
1 question

In this quiz you will be asked questions regarding the difference between a past life regression and meditation, what the pineal gland is, and how to psychically protect yourself.

Module 2 Quiz
3 questions
+ Spirit Guides and How they Relate to Past Life Connection
8 lectures 20:52

Here is an introduction to spirit guides, there different forms, and how they can be related to past lives. Printout the PDF File attached for Module 3 Points of Interest. 

Introduction to Spirit Guides and Past Lives

I will go over what spirit guides are and what they can tell us about ourselves. 

Preview 03:40

In my experience Angels and Archangels can be connected to our akashic records.  Meaning, we can be fragmented with the energies of these benevolent beings, so I have decided to include them in this program.

Angels and Archangels

Ascended Masters do play a role in our soul's journey.  As they are not integral to accessing of past lives, sometimes we carry the soul energy of those who have come before and we are to bring that into this particular timeline.  Here's a short take on the Ascended Masters and how they work with us.

Ascended Masters

Learn what the higher self and oversoul is and their assistance in past life connection. .

The Higher Self and The Oversoul

We can be animals in other lives and sometimes these are very important for a person to see.  Many times the energy of an animal is trying to integrate with a person and seeing a life lived as one allows them absorb what is needed at the time. 

Spirit Animals and Other Mystical Creatures

Many times we here multiple people were Cleopatra in a past life, but how is that so?  I will cover soul fragmentation in this lecture to give you a digestible means of understanding how this works.  I also cover a little bit on soul retrieval where we pick up the pieces of our soul left in other timelines both here on Earth and multidimensionally. 

Soul Fragments and Soul Retrieval
Ancestors (Bonus)
In this assignment you will describe your take away from why spirit guides work with us and what kinds of guides you connect with.
Why do spirit guides work with us?
2 questions

This quiz will be based on spirit guides and their many forms!

Module 3 Quiz
3 questions
+ Receiving Information: Intuition and the Four Main Clair Abilities
6 lectures 13:19

Being in the receptive space of mind is very important to allowing the lives to come forward.  This introduction will cover your psychic centers and how to receive! Printout the PDF File attached for Module 4 Points of Interest. 

Introduction to Receiving Information: Intuition and the 4 Clair Abilities

Clairvoyance or clear seeing is where we get those vividly strong images in a mediation or past life connection.  I will explain clairvoyance and give you exercises to tune yours up! 


Clear hearing is also known as Clairaudience.  Many time people will hear messages along with seeing them.  This section will cover what that can be like and also exercises to help you expand on your own clear hearing abilities. 

Preview 02:00

Many people tend to feel messages from spirit.  Well, we can also feel scenes in a regression.  I will cover Clairsentience and provide tools for feeling into your experience. 


Claircognizance is an amazing ability as it is the ability to just know.  That can come with it's own challenges and this is where trust comes in to play.  Here are some ways you can trust more of your own inner knowing. 


Here is a great little video on trust.  These things don't have to be overcomplicated.  You just have to trust that what you experience is right for you at that moment.  I will go over allowing what wants to be shown into your experience. 

Trust and Allow
In this exercise you will make an intention and affirmation that will be tailor-made to your access and experience!
Make a Past Life Intention and Affirmation!
1 question

In this module you will be asked questions about the best ways to receive information during past life connection! 

Module 4 Quiz
2 questions
+ Past Life Connection Meditation
4 lectures 39:04

This is the moment we've been waiting for.  The chance to put our tools to work!  I go over what we have covered and create the big lead up to your past life meditation! 

The Big Moment

Past life connection meditation made just for this class!  I will take you on a guided journey into your own akashic records.  Where that will lead, we won't know until we get there.  Be open.  Be trusting.  Be allowing.  You can use this over and over again.  If you didn't get a vivid experience the first time, you can be sure to do it again as you practice your skills of seeing into your own past lives. 

The music in meditation is composed by myself and under the alias 'Majesdy.'  The album which this music can be found on is called 'Dragon.'  It is a channeled work that is meant to take you on an astral journey into your own Akashic Records.

The first 10 minutes are dedicated to getting you clear and into a receptive mode to receive, so hold tight as you journey into your past lives! 

Past Life Connection Guided Meditation

What did you discover?  Think about all the ways you received information.  Did you feel, hear, see, or know?  Take notes.  Jot down anything and everything.  Acknowledging what you did get always leads to more! 

What Did You Discover?
What did you discover in your past life connection?
Past Life Connection Findings
1 question

This is our closing ceremony for this amazing time we have shared.  I hope you enjoyed. I hope it was easily digestible. I hope that you got a sense of all the ways you are tuning into your own past lives and how to dive deeper!  Again, this was only a sliver of what is possible and there is ALWAYS more on the horizon.  Enjoy! 

Closing Ceremony
+ Bonus Section: Past Lives, Activations, Starseeds, and More!
10 lectures 01:25:09

This is a little video series where I take a small excerpt from a client's past life and create a little story time movie for viewers.  Check it out! 

Preview 06:15
Fragments of a Past Life // Ep. 2 // The Oasis
Pineal Gland Mechanics and Activation

This is a bonus video for understanding the term star-seed, what star families are, why they connect with us, and the vastness of our galactic heritage.

Star-seeds, Star Families, and Galactic Heritage Bonus Video
The Law of Attraction and The 7 Hermetic Principles
There's No Such Thing as Death

This is simply here for you to enjoy without any words as you go into an unguided meditation.  Simply skip this section to move on   and complete the course. 

Past Life Connection Meditation (Music Only)

This is an interview with Travis Taylor on Past Life Regression work and spiritual connection.  This is not needed to watch to complete the course.  You may simply skip through this section and mark it as completed. 

Preview 00:04
Suggested Reading

For those wanting to travel into the other dimensions and world during their sleep, here is an 8 hour mix of all 7 songs on the 'Dragon' collection.  The video goes dark after 10 min.  Please subscribe for future videos, past life stories, and energy updates/information! 

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