Introduction to Visual Basic using Karel the Robot in Excel

Programming a Virtual Robot
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Students who apply themselves will find a breakthrough in their approach to designing macros.


  • Microsoft Excel


Karel the Robot, used by Stanford University and implemented here in Excel VBA, is a fun way to engage new students in creating programs.  

Stripping away any cumbersome details, we will use Karel the Robot to focus on the essence of programming.  We will practice how to organize your thoughts into the proper structure which will sharpen your skills for more difficult problems.

Who this course is for:

  • Someone wanting to take their macro and programming approach to the next level of efficiency.

Course content

1 section8 lectures34m total length
  • Loops: While, For
  • If Statement and Functions (Subs)
  • Debugger using [Shift+F8] and [F8] keys
  • Methodology
  • Decomposition - Your First Challenge
  • Karel the Robot Challenges / Puzzles
  • Visual Basic Resources and Code
  • Wrapping It Up


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Scott Knecht
  • 3.8 Instructor Rating
  • 52 Reviews
  • 6,078 Students
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Enjoy interesting challenges which capitalize on my strengths in creating tools, optimizing processes and maximizing efficiency. Throughout my career, I've used the challenges of my primary role as a catalyst to further my strengths in Data Science.

My experience has been with ever the ever changing environment in the Automotive Industry.  I've been in all logistic areas and have sough to implement practical solutions with limited resources.

Being a perpetual student of online material, I realize the importance of engagement and approach.