Introduction to Text To Speech With Python

Make your computer speak
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Learn how to install Virtualenv and Virtualenvwrapper
Learn how to install Pycharm (Python IDE)
Learn how to install required libraries and applications
Learn how to convert text to speech using Python


  • Applicants must have a level of Python programming above beginner
  • There is no need for mathematics


We are in the AI and robotics era.

Our mobile phones understand what we say and speak. Also new model computers can talk.
Can we do something also?
What not make our computer speak?

In this course, we will learn the basics of Text-to-Speech (TTS).

We will use Python 3.6. A little better than beginner level of programming skill will be enough.

We will study very simple coding examples. But you can improve the scripts easily.

In the course we will use Pycharm Community IDE. Of course, this is not a must! You can write your scripts in a terminal too.

Our main operating system is Ubuntu Linux, version 18.04 LTS. But, our Python scripts will be also compatible with Windows 10 and  Mac OS X which can run Python 3.6.

At the last section of our course, I will show simply how to install required libraries and applications and run our Python scripts in both Windows and Mac.

After this course, I will publish a more advanced course on Speech-to-Text (STT). This course will be helpful for it.

I hope I can help you to start working on TTS and STT with Python.

Who this course is for:

  • Python programmers who want to write their own Text-to-Speech scripts
  • Python programmers who want to practice AI from the beginning and want to create their own bots


Python Yazılım Uzmanı
Ahmet Aksoy
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My name is Ahmet Aksoy.

I was born in 1953.

I was graduated from Middle East Technical University of Ankara - Turkey as a Civil Engineer.

After working in some construction sites for five years, I started computer programming.

I worked with Python, Java, Delphi, C, C++, Visual Basic, Clipper and some other programming languages...

I have a total of 35 years of programming experience.

I started the Open Source Project DerlemTR in order to collect all words in living Turkish and I continue to work on the same project.

I have three published Python books in Turkish.

My fourth Python book will be published in August, 2019.

I continue working in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Engineering and NLP.


İsmim Ahmet Aksoy.

1953 doğumluyum.

Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi İnşaat Mühendisliği bölümünden mezun oldum.

Beş yıllık şantiyecilik döneminden sonra yazılım alanına geçtim.

Python, Java, Delphi, C, C++, Visual Basic gibi dillerle çalıştım.

35 yıllık yazılım deneyimim var.

Türkçe sözcükleri derleyen, açık kaynak DerlemTR projesini geliştirdim ve üzerinde çalışmaya devam ediyorum.

PYTHON diline yönelik yayınlanmış 3, yayım sırasını bekleyen 1 kitabım var.

Çalışmalarımı Yapay Zeka, Makine Öğrenmesi, Veri Geliştirme ve NLP gibi konularda sürdürüyorum.

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