Introduction to SQL

Learn T-SQL in MS SQL Server
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Learn exactly what is a database and how it is used
Learn the general syntax for SQL queries
Learn how to use various SQL clauses
Learn about the inbuilt functions within SQL
Learn how to create and drop a database table
Learn how to insert, update and delete data in a database
Learn about constraints and how they can be used
Learn about the different types of table joins
Have an introduction to real-world scenarios using SQL


  • Students will need access to a database query tool (downloading SQL Server Management Studio will be covered)


What Is This Course: Introduction to SQL

An introduction to the Structured Query Language. Although based around T-SQL this course is suitable for other variations of the language.


What’s Included In This Course:

· Practice Examples: Each topic includes easy to follow examples.

· Real World Scenarios: Scenarios taken from real examples

· High Quality Content: Over 3+ hours of high quality videos.

· Support: On hand support to cover everything introduced in the course.


What You Will Learn In This Course:

What are servers, databases and tables and why do we use them.

What is SQL and how can it be used to manipulate data within a database table.

What is a SQL query

How can we create, edit and remove database tables.

What types of SQL queries can we use to interrogate a database table

A look at how we can install a database and associated components in both a Windows PC environment as well as MAC OS environment

The basics of using operators which we can then use to construct more complex queries

The various SQL constraints are introduced and we look at how and why these are used and how we can use them within our queries to ensure data integrity.

The practice questions and scenarios provide a useful way to test what you have learnt in each module and consolidate your knowledge. These increase in difficulty and refer back to previous tutorials so you build on your existing knowledge.


I hope this course is able to provide all you need to begin your experience of SQL.

Michael Da Costa

Who this course is for:

  • This is a SQL course designed for users with no prior knowledge or experience of the language and its uses. The course progresses from a basic to intermediate level. Although touching on more advanced queries, this course is not designed for the advanced or power user.


Business Analyst
Michael Da Costa
  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 134 Reviews
  • 5,472 Students
  • 1 Course

I have over 10 years using Transact SQL and Oracle as part of my daily role as a technical analyst working within large financial organisations.

My experience with SQL has included the creation of reporting solutions, enhancing existing queries, bug fixing in addition to data cleansing.

I have provided training and advise to individuals throughout the organisation on using SQL queries both within SQL Server and external applications running SQL.

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