Solar Power training in Urdu

Fundamentals of solar power
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Fundamentals of Solar power
Safety considerations in solar power
How DC current behaves differently
Sample designs of solar power systems


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Introduction to Solar Power in Urdu

Fundamentals of solar power

Learn the basics of residential solar power.

Wire sizes and current carrying capacity

Batteries and how to take care of them

AC vs DC current behavior

How a solar inverter works.

Sizing the solar array for inverters

Solar pump inverters

Learn how to size solar pump inverters with electrical motors.

Difference between variable frequency drives (VFDs) and solar pump inverters.

Calculations on return on investments ( ROI ) for the investments in solar systems.

Comparison and benefits of tubular batteries.

Comparison of lead acid and other battery technologies like lithium.

How take care of solar modules while installing.

What to do if a solar module gets damaged.

Sizing of DC circuit breakers.

Wiring of DC circuit breakers.

Sample cases of residential solar systems and their capability.

How to install the lowest cost systems while avoiding dangerous methods.

How to avoid letting batteries drop less than their safe voltage to avoid having them die early.

Solar charge controllers.

Setting up charge controllers in parallel.

Frames and how to select and install solar modules on them.

Solar module clearning requirements and methods.

Single phase and 3 phase explanation for VFDs.

Common mistakes made by villagers in selecting the wrong equipment and the associated issues.

Who this course is for:

  • People who would like to learn about solar power


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