Introduction to Python Programming language for beginners

This course is an introduction to python programming language for beginners.
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know all of the basics about the language
Use python operators like assignment ,comparison and logical operators
Convert datatypes from type to another
Take input from user and do some things with this input
Control the flow of the program by if statement
Control the flow of the program by loopings
Create your own function
Know some of the built-in functions and modules


  • Pc/windows platform


By taking this course ,you learn all of the basics you must know to be a python programmer,after finishing this course material you can move to the advanced concepts in programming,do not worry python is the easiest programming language ,so I think you will master it in a short time by a lot of practicing ,in this course we will take a lot of examples with different ideas.

This course will be updated the next few weeks by the following lessons :

  • More about strings.
  • Collections: sets.
  • Calling a function from a function.
  • The scope of variables.
  • Recursive function.
  • Working with files.
  • Introduction to oop.
  • More examples.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is best suited for who have no idea about the basics of python


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Norhan Khafaga
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I am a Freelancer software developer and programming languages tutor, I have experience in some programming languages like c++, python, JavaScript, matlab and PHP. I have a big experience in working in front-end web developing  using html5 ,css3,Js, jQuery and bootstrap framework,also I have some experience in qt and opencv library.

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