Introduction to Meditation II - The Heart

Buddhist Wisdom and Meditations to Cultivate Love, Happiness, and Positive Emotions
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Loving Kindness and Compassion
Self Love
Transforming Suffering
Emotional Wellbeing


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These ancient Buddhist tools and meditations will brighten your emotional world, give you more kindness and love, clear emotional blocks, resentments, transform your relationships . We will learn how to expand the heart, to make it shine like a sun.

Do You Struggle to Love Yourself or Others? Is Yours a Life of Love?

Do you have relationship difficulties, resentments or a negative view of yourself and your world?

The ancient practices in this course will transform your emotional landscape. They will brighten your heart and your world. When I learned these meditations, I naturally found myself thinking of others more, wishing for their happiness, and this is a secret to happiness. It made service and altruism genuine and natural. My emotional world was transformed from a grey and bleak night to a sunny beautiful day. They have been described as a powerful magic, and a potent form of prayer.

How Will This Course Help You

If You are In Recovery or Simply Seeking Inner Peace

  • Invite more love into your life

  • Transform your relationships with yourself and others

  • Release resentments and blockages to love

  • Brighten your emotional world

  • Relate to suffering more compassionately

  • Feel more positivity, more joy, and more gratitude

  • Learn practices which over time will improve your quality of life

  • Reduce self-centredness and self-obsession

  • Tools, tips, and inspiration

  • Downloadable guided practices of increasing lengths to gently bring you into mastery

Change Your World Today

This course will show you how to fill your world with love, even in the face of suffering. These ancient practices are a kind of magic, and will brighten your heart with limitless love and blessings.

What You Will Find Inside

  • 1 You will learn about the buddhist view of love, and the benefits of loving kindness meditation, as outlined by the Buddha

  • 2. You will find a recap of how to create time, space, and motivation for meditation, as well as tips on posture.

  • 3 You will discover tips and methods to prepare the heart for love; forgiveness, acceptance, and how to work with the beliefs or stories that get in the way of love.

  • 4. You will find out what true self love looks like, and access a guided meditation to cultivate self love

  • 5 You will read how loving kindness meditation works, with all its blessings, and then access a guided meditation of the whole practice

  • 6 You will find inspiration from ancient teachings about interconnectedness and the indescribable beauty of the bodhisattva ideal.

  • 7 You will learn the most effective ways of coping with suffering, what suffering is caused by, and how to turn towards it and release it.

  • 8 You will discover the alchemy of compassion, and how it transmutes suffering. You will also access another guided practice on compassion and transmuting pain.

  • 9 Here you will find tips about how to let go of guidance in these meditaitons, and find recordings of the bells for you to meditate at different lengths.


Comments from Students

  • “This is perfectly done. This actually gets to the reality of present moment awareness unlikely other meditations” — Fionnghula T

  • “I wish I had this course when I first started, but even with my experience there were so many useful pointers and the guided meditations are excellent” — Kevin M

  • “This is so incredibly & deeply transformative, yet so very simplistic in its approach. Thank you!” — FarFromTheTrees

  • “These meditations are changing my life! I've done it daily for nearly 2 months now and am gobsmacked by how transformative it is. Also your version is one of the best I've found. It encourages me to really throw myself into meditating and i guess you get out what you put in. Cheers. Peace ” — Gabriella C

  • “Beautiful. I really love the different focuses used here, it allows deep concentration and awareness of the moment. ” — Jayne N

  • “Very nice course, clear, precise, recommend” — Dom B

  • “Awesome, thank you! I think these are really nice guided meditations :)” — Alexander R

Who this course is for:

  • People interested in learning meditation and how to find inner peace.
  • People in recovery, or suffering with emotional difficulties
  • People seeking higher self-esteem and desiring more love in their lives
  • People seeking to improve relationships


Spirituality and Recovery Coach
Nicolas Croll
  • 3.8 Instructor Rating
  • 9 Reviews
  • 1,440 Students
  • 2 Courses

Nic has been through the hells of addictions and found a way out,  and has a passion for passing on  what he learned on the way. He has practised and taught Buddhist meditation, shamanism, tantra and taoism, and facilitated various types of recovery groups for twenty years, and worked individually with many people in recovery. He has spent well over a year on intensive retreats, and many hours in meditation every day. He has read thousands of spiritual, psychological and self-help books, and the fruits of all this research and practice will be found in these courses.

He went through an awakening experience in 2017, and wishes to communicate and share this liberation with as many people as possible. He worked for a buddhist organisation for fifteen years, and has been involved with communicating the dharma for nearly as long. In these courses are to be found all the tips and knowledge he has acquired, in an easy to follow and easy to learn format. These courses are designed to solve many of the problems we face in recovery.

He is also a trained healer and coach, a music producer and a writer, and works in the field of mental health and addiction in Bristol in the UK. He loves dancing, walking, playing cello, drumming, and snowboarding.

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