Introduction to Meditation for Beginners : 21-Day Programme

An Easy-to-Follow, Comprehensive 21-Day Course to Experience a Range of Different Meditation Techniques
Rating: 3.9 out of 5 (33 ratings)
5,428 students
A VARIETY of Quick and Simple Meditation Practises
HOW TO Get the Best BENEFITS from your Meditations
To Incorporate MINDFULNESS into Your Every Day Activities
To Witness Your Thoughts and MASTER Them
To BREATHE to RELAX at Any Time
Which Meditation Styles Suit YOU BEST
Additional RELAXATION Techniques
To AVOID Distractions, Obstacles and Resistance
UNDERSTAND the Benefits of Meditation


  • No Prior Experience of Meditation
  • An Open Mind and Commitment to Complete the Full Course
  • Receive a Downloadable Meditation Journal


Meditation can seem daunting and even a little 'woo-woo' however anyone can benefit from regular stillness and calming the mind.  This course shows just how simple and easy it is to meditate, regardless which technique you choose and how easy it is to apply the learned methods into your everyday life.  All meditations are short in length and so easy to fit into your schedule and range from simple guided meditations to transcendental meditations.

Meditation improves mental, emotional and physical health and also may slow down your physiological age to make you appear younger. In addition to the above benefits, following completion of this course you will have learned:

-  Simple methods to calm your mind

-  What to expect in meditation in terms of distractions and obstacles

-  The myths surrounding meditation and busted them

-  How to BE in the present moment

-  The mindset to approaching your new journey into meditation

-  What benefits meditation brings and how to apply them to your specific needs

-  How to prepare for your most beneficial meditation

-  How to master your mind by becoming a watcher of your thoughts

-  How to sit for 10-days of simple, Guided Meditations especially produced for beginners

-  How to use mantras in your meditations

-  How the different meditation techniques vary

-  How to use affirmations in your meditations

-  How to incorporate Mindfulness from your meditations into your daily activities

-  How to practise Concentration Meditation

-  How to practise Transcendental Meditation

-  How to raise your energetic vibration

-  How to incorporate other relaxation techniques, such as visualisations

-  To allow the time for a regular meditation practise

Here are just some of the ways you can benefit from regular meditation:

-  Increased self-awareness

-  Increased self-confidence

-  Increased peace and happiness

-  Better able to cope with stress

-  Reduced stress, anxiety and depression

-  Freedom from addictions/dependencies

-  Increased emotional balance and stability

-  Better emotional, mental and physical health

-  Increased mental clarity, focus and concentration

-  Improved cognitive functions

-  Increase in time perception and productivity

-  Increase in creativity and ideas

-  Increased spiritual awareness and intuition

Who is this course for?

Everyone can benefit from regular meditation.  This course is ideal for those who are curious about meditation or just beginning to practise.  It is a comprehensive course yet everything is delivered and presented in a clear and simple way to make sure you can ease into your meditation practise with no drama.

This course is not suitable for experienced practitioners.

Who this course is for:

  • You Wish to Benefit from Improved Mental, Physical and Emotional Well-being
  • You Wish to Live More Mindfully
  • You Seek Inner Peace and Presence

Course content

22 sections70 lectures2h 22m total length
  • Introduction
  • What Meditation Is and What it Isn't
  • Your Free Downloadable Introduction to Meditation 21-Day Journal
  • The Power of Thought Exercise
  • Congratulations on Completing Day 1


Mentor for Inner Peace
Stephanie Aurand
  • 3.9 Instructor Rating
  • 33 Reviews
  • 5,428 Students
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Stephanie is a certified Meditation Teacher and Mindfulness Practitioner.  She discovered meditation when reaching rock bottom in her personal life and used this to master her mind, balance her emotions and live a full and conscious life, with a deep inner peace that transcends life's hiccups. 

Stephanie guides and supports people to realise their life purpose and fulfil their potential; to flourish in their relationships, free themselves from addictions and bring acceptance and balance to everyday living.  Stephanie supports her clients online through courses, social media and online 1:1 mentoring.