Irrigation 101: Introduction To Irrigation and Sprinklers

Course 1 of Pro Irrigation Training's "Irrigation 101" series. Learn all the basics of Irrigation.
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Know the history and modern uses of irrigation, understand the basic concepts and definitions of the industry, pick the proper type of system configuration, and use basic knowledge of water hydraulics.


  • No prior knowledge or experience needed. This course lays the foundation for more specific courses.


Introduction To Irrigation And Sprinkler Systems is the first course in our series. New hires in the irrigation or landscaping business will want to take our "Irrigation and Sprinkler System 101" courses to get a proper fundamental education of the concepts and components that make up a sprinkler system. Homeowners or gardeners will also benefit from an understanding of their own sprinkler systems. All measurements used are Imperial or American Standard, that is; inches, feet, gallons, etc. 

Start at the beginning with irrigation concepts, system design basics and water hydraulics. We wrap up this free course with some real world skills that you'll use frequently in the field; using a 5 gallon bucket test to measure flow, and measuring elevation change and slope percentage.

An hour and a half of video instruction also includes a 22 page PDF download of all material covered. Lifetime access to all the course videos and downloads insures that you can revisit any info in the field from your smartphone. Begin a program of professional development in green industry with courses from Pro Irrigation Training. You'll learn the basics of irrigation and start a proper education that will get you started earning money.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for someone already working in or seeking to work in the Landscaping or related industries. All measurements used are Imperial, or American Standard, that is; inches, feet, gallons, etc. People that directly or indirectly deal with sprinkler systems can complete their foundational knowledge and earn more as they add new skills. A homeowner that spends a lot of time in their garden or landscape may want to understand the concepts behind their own sprinkler system.


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Michael Haynes
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          I've owned three irrigation contracting companies over the last 20 years, and still own and operate Professional Irrigation Services in Greenville, SC. My experience in the business covers the entire range of positions from trench digger to owner, and I've installed and repaired every type and configuration (except for golf courses) of irrigation system. Over the years, I've trained many technicians, and always wished that there was a training system that I could plug a new hire into to get them up and running with fundamental knowledge. Pro Irrigation Training is the answer to that need. 

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