Introduction to Information Technology

Basic course for engineering students on Introduction to Information Technology and Introduction to Computer Sciences
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818 students
Introduction to Information Technology
Rating: 0.0 out of 5 (0 ratings)
818 students



Course content

1 section • 17 lectures • 3h 2m total length
  • Information Technology Computers
    16 pages
  • Information Technology Hardware
    18 pages
  • Information Technology Software
    36 pages
  • Information Technology Network
    23 pages
  • Information Technology Internet
    26 pages
  • Information Technology In Management
    30 pages
  • The Evolution Of Computers
  • Introduction To PC Hardware Internal
  • Understanding The Parts Of Your Computer External
  • Local Network Communication Made Easy
  • Networking Basics
  • Evolution Of The Internet (good)
  • 3d Internet Animation
  • World Wide Web In Plain English
  • Software Development Life Cycle [SDLC]
  • Office Of The Future
  • An Ever Changing World due to Information Technology


Aerospace & Nuclear Engineer, Academician, Researcher
Ugur Guven
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Dr. Ugur Guven is an Aerospace Engineer as well as a Nuclear Engineer. His area of interest is Nuclear Space Propulsion and Interstellar Propulsion Methods along with Utilization of CFD in analyzing Nuclear Reactors. In nuclear power plant engineering, he is interested in Generation IV Reactors, Gas Core Reactors and Helium Cooled Reactors. Dr. GUVEN is also TRIGA Mark II Certified Nuclear Plant Operator.

Dr Ugur Guven has published many papers in the field of interstellar space exploration, nuclear propulsion techniques for spacecraft,Utilization of Nuclear Energy on the Moon, Helium 3 Mining on the Moon for Fusion Technologies, as well as on a Mission to Mars. He has also written over 30 opinion articles on the future of space technology and nuclear technology. Dr. Guven has taught wide range of courses from Aerodynamics, Nuclear Power Generation, Nuclear Physics, Spacecraft Dynamics, Satellite Communications, CFD, Rocket Propulsion, and Advanced Numerical Methods for Engineers, FORTRAN Programming for Engineers and Introduction to Aerospace Engineering. Dr. Ugur Guven is currently involved in a nano-satellite project.

Dr. Guven has traveled to over 25 countries and he has worked in USA, Turkey, India, Mauritius, Switzerland and other locations. Dr. Guven has received a commendation for "The Best Teacher of the Year Award".

His lectures and seminars are downloaded by students, teachers and engineers worldwide from his various engineering websites. Dr. Guven also works in improving educational and pedagogical techniques in higher education. He is also the Chief Editor of Scholar Journal for Young Scholars and Researchers, which he has created and published for the benefit of engineering students and graduates. If you are interested in publishing short science articles and technology articles, you can publish them at Science Articles Assembly. You can get more information about Dr Ugur Guven by visiting his website or by visiting

You can also contact Dr. Ugur Guven at for any questions on education, academic issues, research techniques, teaching techniques, industrial consultations, engineer training and engineering techniques workshops.  Dr. Guven travels frequently all over the world to give free seminars on the future of space technology and nuclear technology.