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What is GIS?
Types of GIS
Different Types of Desktop GIS Softwares
Introducing Web GIS
Web GIS Career
Differences Between Desktop GIS and Web GIS
What is ArcGIS?
ArcGIS Software Packages
Introducing ArcGlobe, Add OpenStreetMap, Add Base Map and Add Shapefile
ArcScene Interface including Menu Bar and Tools
Basic of ArcCatalog, ArcMap, ArcGlobe and ArcScene
ArcCatalog Interface, Catalog Tree, Content and Menu Bar
ArcMap Interface, Table of Content, Map View, Search, Menu Bar and Tools
How to Make Yourself More Advanced in GIS


  • Student just needs the Interest on GIS
  • Nothing Else


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  1. You are Searching for a FREE GIS Course as Beginner.

  2. You have no previous knowledge of GIS and Want to Start learning this.

  3. You Want to Know What is Desktop GIS and Web GIS.

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  5. You want to make yourself confident to start GIS Career

  6. You are searching for a cheap course of GIS but having detailed material, lectures and topics.

  7. You want to know not only ArcMap but also a basic knowledge of other software inside ArcGIS including ArcScene, ArcCatalog and ArcGlobe

  8. You are searching for Cool and enjoyable lectures of GIS with Practical descriptions.

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  3. Has Separated lectures on Desktop GIS and Web GIS with their Uses and Differences.

  4. Has Proper Learning Material.

  5. Will give you proper step by step guideline to start GIS Career.

  6. Is FULLY  FREE with 5 Sections, 11 Lectures, 1 Final Quiz Test and each lecture contain many topics

  7. Gives you basic knowledge of ArcGIS with ArcMap, ArcGlobe, ArcCatalog, and ArcScene.

  8. Gives you a Logical and Practical description of GIS.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in GIS can take this course.
  • If you want to start learning about GIS with proper starting Guideline, then this course is for you
  • If you want proper guideline to start GIS Career, then this is for you


Web GIS Teacher
MD. Shahriar Alam
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  • 2,964 Reviews
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* Shahriar is an International Award-Winning GIS Trainer in 2021.

* Achieved Many learners from 181 Countries in my Web GIS Teaching Career.

* First Asian Web GIS Trainer at Udemy.

* Created World’s First “SuperMap Global Online Course” in SuperMap History.

* Have given Speech in many International GIS conferences as a Chaired Person.

* Have done Web GIS projects and Web GIS teaching in overseas countries including USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Nigeria, China and India.

Shahriar Sir has done 100+ practical projects of Web GIS in his life. His GIS Innovation works and research is always featured in many international news portals like Russian Space Scientific Research Agency news.

Shahriar Sir has a GIS youtube channel for GIS tutorials, career guidelines, and free problem solutions. Youtube Channel's name is "Shahriar GIS".

Shahriar Sir is a Web GIS Researcher and has created many Innovations of Web GIS which have published many International News Portals.

He has developed a Web GIS-based Vehicle Tracking System by using Software Engineering-based analysis to establish the relationship between GIS, Web, and Information Technology.

Shahriar Sir is a Member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation.

He has been invited as International GIS Advisor in many international GIS Conferences in many countries and his Speech about Web GIS in those conferences can be found on Youtube also.

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