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Exposure to Mirth Connect: Installation, Transformation, Translation.
Basic understanding of FHIR: Convert a FHIR resource to HL7 version 2.x.


  • Mirth Connect version 3.3.1 or above (PC or Mac) is required.


This course will help you understand the basics of FHIR. 

It is a FREE sample of a comprehensive hands-on introductory course (details inside). The full course includes direct access to the course creator via a private members-only Slack room.

The goal in making this course was to make it as simple as possible, so that you can get your feet wet with hands-on exercises.

This hands-on lesson uses free Mirth Connect and will walk you through the following:

  1. Installing Mirth Connect.

  2. An example of transforming FHIR in XML format (Patient Resource) to HL7 v2 (ADT A08). 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants an easy FHIR hands-on, step-by-step lesson.


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Back in 2009, I was a Web Developer for an Ivy League University in New England. At that time, like most HIT professionals, I was paying close attention to President Obama and his commitment to digitize medical records via ARRA. He made it clear his goal was to create jobs to help stimulate the economy. So, I knew these political maneuvers would have a major impact on HIT. As a result, I was ready to personally benefit from these changes.

Due to ARRA, in 2010 I moved back into HIT and began my career with HL7® interoperability in 2011. It was a small leap from Software Developer to HL7 Engineer; however, I quickly noticed that there were no affordable, easy to understand resources to quickly learn HL7® and interface engines.

I must admit that I yearned for an HL7 for Dummies book. To my surprise, I looked around and found nothing. Now I really would love to give back to the industry with affordable online resources that focuses on HIT data exchange via HL7® interface engines. 

This journey has lead me to the creation of: 

1) HL7® Starter Kit, Amazon Kindle

2) HL7® Starter Course, online course

3) HL7® Intro To FHIR®, online course

Happy Learning!

-Vivian Sendling-Ortiz

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