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A Complete Reading Course for the Learning Disabled or Dyslexic through Early Intervention
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Learn to read within the dyslexic learning disability.
Learn all about the phonetic structure of the English language.
Learn the directionality of the English letters in writing and reading English.
Master all forms of letter and handwriting using the manuscript, slant manuscript and cursive fonts.
Learn about spelling, writing, reading comprehension, listening, sight words, speaking.
Learn the many different parts of the English language including consonants, vowels, prefixes, suffixes.
Increase a child's vocabulary using lower and higher vocabulary phrases.
Learn how write fiction and non-fiction with setting, problem, goal, events and how to effectively end a story using Story Mapping
Effectively read and comprehend English for the ESL student.


  • A willingness to overcome a reading disability.
  • Able to commit 15-30 minutes per day to the course.
  • A desire to advance reading skills and to progress far beyond the average elementary student.
  • Obtain a writing pad and pencil for course writing assignments.
  • You'll need a printer and a good set of headphones.


Whether you're a parent in a home school or a professional educator in public or private classroom, the CompuRead Multisensory Reading Program can greatly enhance your current program and can easily be included in your daily educational curriculum for reading education. Designed for the learning disabled struggling to understand the English language, the techniques and methods used within the CompuRead program can bring clarity and understanding to your student in learning to read.

CompuRead is sequentially organized and phonetically oriented to teach a dyslexic or learning disabled child or adult to read with outstanding comprehension. It's specifically designed to fill the needs of young children from birth to preschool and elementary grade students in overcoming dyslexia with outstanding reading comprehension and provides and excellent method to reduce adult illiteracy. It provides young children, ages 4-5 and under, with an effective treatment of dyslexia.

CompuRead can effectively be used for the slower learner as well as the gifted student who’s struggling with reading disorders and the dyslexic condition. This one-of-a-kind instructional reading method is purposely designed to teach reading though the phonetic system for readers of all ages and abilities. Each skill builds upon the one before in a sensible and logical way to be learned and remembered for a lifetime. All instructional stories from Level One through Level Six include every sound in the English Language and is written with a character-building Main Idea.

CompuRead has over 50 innovations built in to the program, enabling your student or child to easily comprehension and understand the learning to read process. The CompuRead program has been used in private and public classrooms with outstanding success and is an excellent resource for a child or adult with a non English language background.

CompuRead is fully narrated with a professional American male voice over talent, allowing your child or student to not only see what's being taught, but to hear it with perfect audio.

All CompuRead courses, including Levels 1 through 6, include access to many exclusive bonuses:

  • The CompuRead Teacher's Manual - Our 187 page downloadable PDF full color reading education manual designed to be easily read and provides hundreds of reading education tips and techniques for the home school or professional educator.

  • 147 Wall Charts - Our PDF downloadable Wall Charts are a collection of letter and letter blends and sounds used in the English language. All charts feature multiple meanings of words thereby increasing the user's vocabulary - a critical indicator of success.

  • 156 HD videos for letter writing with the Manuscript, Slant Manuscript and Cursive hand writing techniques. These videos are designed to assist the young student learning to write and demonstrates through high definition video and audio how to properly form all English language letters using letter writing directionality.

  • 156 Letter Writing Worksheets - These PDF downloadable worksheets are designed for the beginning and advanced student in learning proper alphabet letter writing techniques. They give the Long Writing Directions as well as Short Writing Directions for all letters in the Manuscript, Slant Manuscript and Cursive fonts.

Depending on your child's current reading level, and using the CompuRead Courses reading education methods, your student or child can be effectively reading with excellent fluency within 12 months. Many students struggling in reading, progress through the CompuRead program within an average of 4-12 months. Many students have shown advanced reading and language arts skills over and above their peers.

Get started on the path of fluent reading for your child by registering for the CompuRead Course Reading Program today.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who struggle with a reading disability.
  • Students entering kindergarten with little or no home preparation.
  • Parents of children suspected to have a dyslexic condition.
  • Teachers in the main stream public school system, resource room teachers.
  • Teachers in the private school system.
  • Children struggling in learning to read.


Business Writer and Educational Program Designer
Scott D Turner
  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 1 Review
  • 840 Students
  • 9 Courses

Scott began working with the CompuRead program and designed all their printed and digital materials including five technical education manuals, 156 handwriting videos, over 300 worksheets and reading charts and voice narration of over 6,000 slides and pages.

He is instrumental in developing over 60 Mingle Games designed to teach reading concepts for the elementary classroom. These games, from easy to more advanced are simple to understand yet challenging for the child's age and student abilities. All games are designed for maximum student interaction.

He graduated from Brigham Young University in 1980 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and pursued his Masters degree at Central Missouri State University. He is also an AWAI certified B2B direct response copywriter.

He has worked closely with both authors of the CompuRead program since 1985 and has been highly influential in the development of the entire CompuRead series program.

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