Introduction to Child Rights

A basic, yet comprehensive course on Child Rights.
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At the end of this ten session course, students will be aware of the history and evolution of the Child Rights Movements, Guiding principles, composition and philosophy of UNCRC and other main Child Right laws and will be familiar with the child centric laws and institutions in India. They will also be aware of the issues and challenges faced by children in street situations in India.


  • Basic knowledge of English and an interest in Child Rights discourse.


A Comprehensive basic course for beginners having passion to work for the betterment of children  on understanding the history and philosophy of the concept of “Child Rights”, its relevance in the Indian context and  a brief description of how children’s laws are formulated/modified based on the rights based approach.

This course is designed for students aspiring to become professionals in the field of Social Sciences, Social Work, Law and any other field dealing with children.

If you are a student with a lot of passion to work with children directly or indirectly and wish to understand how you could do it better, then this is the course for you.

If you are a professional working with children and want to deepen your understanding of the underlying principles of rights based approach then this is the course for you.

  • We will take you through the history of how the movement of child rights came about and the underlying philosophies that drove it

  • The course touches upon the various rights of children as enumerated in the UNCRC

  • You will also learn how policies and laws related to children in India are formulated or modified after India ratified to the UNCRC.

 We offer both theoretical and practical insights on the implementation of Child rights and will equip the participants with the basic knowledge and tools necessary to gain critical understanding of child rights. The course is based on a participatory active learning approach and will be spread over 10 modules/ sessions of 15 minutes with regular assignments and readings provided for each module.

 The 10 modules are divided into three major components, with the first section focusing on the origins and evolution of the Child Rights movement that culminated in the formulation of  United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989).

The second section will discuss the main categories of rights as per UNCRC, namely Survival, Development, Protection and Participation.

The third section will provide a deeper understanding of the issues related to Child Rights and Protection in the Indian context, with a special focus on the challenges faced by children living on the streets.


Who this course is for:

  • Students, researchers and teachers in the subjects of law, humanities, social sciences,etc. or anyone interested to learn more about the Child Rights movement.


Leading Rights based Care Program for vulnerable children
Rainbow Homes Program
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The course is being offered by ARUN- Rainbow Homes Program, which has over 12 years of experience in running open, voluntary, non-custodial homes for children formerly living in street situations. The organization has attempted to retain the free spirits of these children while subtly allowing them to settle in a routine of disciplined life.  The program is enriched by the experiences gained through operating it in 8 cities of the country with 51 homes for both girls and boys. The organization continuously strives to excel in providing quality care to children in its care through a rights based approach. Children themselves have brought in a lot of native knowledge, further enriching the program.

The instructors who have designed the course have several years of experience in working directly with children as well as documenting the learnings of running such a huge program.



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