Introduction to Calculus 2: Area Estimation

Learn the basic method of area estimation: Riemann Sum
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To estimate area under a function and the x-axis
To study the sigma notation and summation rules and formulas
To calculate the signed area


  • Precalculus (algebra, trigonometry, and functions)
  • Calculus 1 (limits, continuity, derivatives, and their applications)



This course, Introduction to Calculus 2: Area Estimation, includes the first section you will learn in Calculus 2, including video, notes from whiteboard during lectures, and practice problems (with solutions!). I also show every single step in examples and theorems. The course is organized into the following topics:

  • Area Estimation (Riemann Sum)

  • Sigma Notation

  • Summation Rules

  • Summation Formulas

  • Evaluating Summation

  • Limit of a Riemann Sum (Signed Area)


Videos: I start each topic by introducing and explaining the concept. I share all my solving-problem techniques using examples. I show a variety of math issue you may encounter in class and make sure you can solve any problem by yourself.

Notes: In each section, you will find my notes as downloadable resource that I wrote during lectures. So you can review the notes even when you don't have internet access (but I encourage you to take your own notes while taking the course!).

Assignments: After you watch me doing some examples, now it's your turn to solve the problems! Be honest and do the practice problems before you check the solutions! If you pass, great! If not, you can review the videos and notes again.


#1: Downloadable lecture notes so you can review the lectures without having a device to watch/listen.

#2: One problem set at the end of the course (with solutions!) for you to do more practice.

#3: Step-by-step guide to help you solve problems.

See you inside the course!

- Gina :)

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who has completed calculus 1 (limits and derivatives) and wants to learn some more advanced math
  • Current calculus 2 students who are looking for extra help outside school
  • Anyone who is not in science stream but wants to study calculus for fun


Physics PhD candidate
Gina Chou
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While I was in undergrad, I was always excited to take exams because I was always well prepared and I felt accomplished after finishing each exam. I know that it is not the case for most of the students. So here, I will share my knowledge and help you to make your university life easier! :D

More about my background

I received my BSc in Atmospheric Science and Physics with a minor in Mathematics from the McGill University in 2018 and my MSc in Physics at the University of Toronto in 2019. I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Physics Department and I am interested in the impact of wind observation on the global predictability, Arctic climate, and weather processes.

Since my second year of undergraduate studies, I have had extensive tutoring experiences, teaching at Liberty Tutoring, as well as high school and university students through SUS Peer Tutoring and Saturday Programs. Additionally, I have been/currently am a TA for math and physics undergraduate and graduate courses.

I hope to see you in class!

- Gina C.

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