Introduction to Accounting

The Foundation of Accounting and Book-keeping
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Students will learn the foundation of Accounting and Book-keeping consistent with International Practices.


  • No prerequisites are required.


This course is designed to teach the foundation of Accounting and Book-keeping, and is based on International practices found throughout Canada, the US, and Europe. This course is intended for learners who have no prior knowledge, or for those who have taken training in the past, but would like to take a refresher course. Another group who will benefit from this course are those who were taught to use a computerized accounting system, but struggle to understand why certain entries are recorder in a certain manner; a perfect example is we have all been taught a debit to our personal bank account means we take money out and a credit puts it in, yet when we make an accounting entry at work debits increase the bank account where credits decrease it (I've got your attention now!) Finally, for those who wish to take my advanced courses such as Accounting in a Manufacturing environment, understanding the foundation of Accounting and Book-keeping is essential if you wish to be successful in those courses. In this class we will look at: What Accounting is; what are Financial Statements; the common accounts we will use; the mechanics of Double Entry accounting; perform some transcations including reviewing their effect on Financial Statements, and then we will take a tour of a Computerized Accounting program making and evaluating the entries.

Who this course is for:

  • New business owners, and their employees, who are new to Accounting and Book-keeping.
  • Students who may be interested in the Accounting Profession, and would like an introduction to the topic.

Course content

9 sections15 lectures1h 4m total length
  • Introduction
  • What is Accounting?
  • What are Financial Statements?


Professional Accountant
Daniel W. Elliot, CPA, CGA
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I have been a Professional Accountant for over twenty years, and have worked in government, not for profit, income tax audit, and private industry including manufacturing.

In addition to being an accountant, I served as a military aircraft mechanic for five years, and worked for three years as an operations manager with vocational training programs in the Canadian federal penitentiary system where we manufactured goods for re-sale in this industrial arts program.

In my last position as an accountant, I was a Regional Comptroller of a federal government department for eight years, where I was responsible for budget management, accounting operations, contracting, procurement, and material management.

During my twenty-four years service with the Canadian federal government, I also taught a number of courses for the Canada School of Public Service.

I was an income tax auditor for three years, a treasurer for a not-for-profit organization for five years, and worked in the private sector as a manufacturing accountant for three years.

In addition to accounting, I also served as a volunteer firefighter and search and rescue technician for sixteen years where I achieved the rank of Captain in the fire service, and became a Search Manager.

I am now self employed as a learning facilitator, and I am an entrepreneur in the property management sector.