Introducing to Market Profile Indicator / TPO

Bonus Volume Profile indicator
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What exactly is Market Profile
How Market Profile / TPO is calculated
How to set up MP according to individual trading instruments
ATR importance to MP settings
Why Letters / Symbols are created and how
Market Auction Theory and Market Participants
Merging MP / Composite
Types of MP structures
Strategies around MP indicator
BONUS: Volume Profile indicator
Live PMP Demonstration


  • Basic trading experience


I have tried to put together in this course, information that I have learned in my last years of trading. It took me allot of time and money to learn, so i know how important is to find all the information you need in one single course.

  • You will learn about Market Profile indicator and all that is needed to start trading using it.

  • You will get an overview of Market Profile structure, market participants and Market Auction Theory which are all very important.

  • You will understand how to set properly the indicator according to your trading instrument.

  • You will learn how to merge MP session and how to read chart price action based on MP.

  • You will get a BONUS of Volume Profile indicator short introduction.

For any questions regarding this course, or any other types of issues in using MP indicator, please join my advancedtradingtools Discord group.

I wish you all good luck!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner or advance traders

Course content

5 sections11 lectures1h 18m total length
  • New content: Free Volume and Market Profile Indicator
  • Introduction


Marius Stanescu
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I have took contact with stock market 14 years ago in my first year of college. I had no clue of what i as doing, but it was like an exam for one year and i was supposed to invest and make some profit.

One year later, i took some courses for Forex market and i was shocked that i was not able to understand anything, but after 3 months it was a little clear about all those Head & Shoulders, double bottom and tops so i have started to trade real money....made profit like 30% in 2 weeks and than lost all in 2 days.... No one was teaching about trading psychology  or mindset.

After a break i have start searching for wonder indicators, holly grail in trading, trading gurus etc for the next probably 4 years.

My contact with MP is only 2 years but this changed my trading perspective sins this approach is made by professional traders at prop firms, institutions, banks...etc...

I have started developing indicators since I was not able to find complex indicators for MT4 similar with those from futures trading platforms.

This is how i have started advancedtradingtools company.

My Moto: Never stop learning, never stop growing !

Good luck to you all !