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This free course will offer an intro to the full course, which will provide a toolbox for life and will revolutionize the way you feel, think, act.


  • No prior health knowledge is required


In this course the students will gain the knowledge and understanding about the main causes of the most common medical problems and health issues.

I will explain why milk is bad for our health

I will explain why wheat is bad for our health as well as coffee ,artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

I will invite the students to think about full body purification that will reset the digestive system and restart it, so that their health will immediately improve and their quality of life will be greater then ever.

Who this course is for:

  • Introduction to Detox course! Anyone looking to restart their system and improve their physical or mental health, will benefit from this course!
  • This course is not intended to treat any chronic medical condition, and does not replace the need for medical attention from a qualified medical professional


Alternative medicine naturopath, Iridologist iris diagnostic
Haim Gilor
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I'm 60 years old, 30 years a naturopath and 15 years an iridologist. After 30 years of research amongst thousands of patients I have treated, I have discovered the fastest way to heal the body from chronic illnesses including a reset and restart to the digestive system, using a very unique system which helps us to become the managers of our body and not to be ruled by it.  This provides several additional values e.g weight loss, the balancing of all medical criteria such as blood pressure, blood sugar level, cholesterol, sleeping disorders, spastic colon, bloating and gas, addiction to sugar, etc...all within just a few weeks.

Joel A. Summerfield
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Joel looks forward to sharing over 2 decades of research with you. Having spent much of his childhood and young adult life visiting hospitals and alternative healers, due to various physical and emotional challenges, he now shares his knowledge and techniques, from a life many people claim as nothing less than a miracle.
He served in one of the world's most unique and elite anti-terrorist units, where he gained an invaluable toolset for life and underwent intense physical and mental training. Having faced extreme conditions through intense combat in the Middle East, Joel was determined to overcome sustained physical and mental injuries whilst transforming from a poor nomad to successful entrepreneur and has been fortunate enough to study with the world's leading minds in the fields of self-development, spirituality, quantum physics, alternative medicine and more.
Joel specializes in alchemy, in the transmutation of the human DNA, which is a confusing topic for many and his goal is to make it easy to understand. Basically, he provides tools and wisdom to overcome obstacles and achieve success in all areas of life.
It is Joel's belief, knowledge and experience, that we have the power to create our own reality and achieve success in every area of our life.
As humans, the "program" we came with to this life, develops over time, is sometimes beneficial and other times detrimental. It's influenced by so many factors, that the only chance we have of designing our own life, as opposed to reducing our reality to reactions in survival mode, is by reprogramming our minds and therefore, transform the unconscious thought patterns, actions and emotions, into a conscious new program, which holds the energy to create worlds.
Joel is a husband, father of 3 and currently lives in Florence, Italy. He is a strong believer in living a life, where obstacles are turned into opportunities.

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