Phase 1: Intro to College Recruiting - 8 Secrets to Success

College Coaches will look at 10,000 Players a year. How do you standout? This course will dive into college recruiting.
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By the end of this course a student-athlete and their parents will better understand how to start and maneuver through the recruiting process.
9 categories to consider when selecting a school.
Understand how college scholarships (athletic and academic) work and what percentage they can cover.
Which is more effective in the recruiting process - playing high school or club (travel/competitive) soccer.
What you should do if you are over 18-years old and/or out of high school, but still want to be a student-athlete.


  • There are no requirements or prerequisites to take this course.
  • Reminder: This is an introduction to college recruiting and lays out a general timeline.


Solve this: The average college coach will look at 10,000 potential student-athletes a year and select three players for a roster spot. How in the world do you stand out from the rest of the competition? 

This introduction course to college soccer recruiting is PERFECT for high school student-athletes and their parents. The best time to start is NO LATER than the day you walk into your freshman year.

Take your time, watch the videos more than once and come back and use them as a resource. Grab a pen and paper and take notes as this dives into 8 secrets to help you understand the college recruiting process in a systematic manner:

  • 9th Grade - Set The Tone

  • 10th Grade - Getting Exposure

  • 11th Grade - Focus on Communication

  • 12th Grade - Selection Year

  • Importance of Doing Well in School

  • Improving on and off the Field

  • How to Select a School

  • When and How to Talk With College Coaches

  • Scholarships

  • What Kind of Players Do Coaches Want

  • Over 18 Years old and/or Out of High School

  • So much more!

This FREE course was created by a Soccer Director of Coaching (DoC) who works with college-level players from NAIA to NCAA DI and even wrote the book on College Recruiting called the College Recruiting Game Plan which is available on AMAZON.

This FREE intro course will teach you the fundamentals to succeed BEFORE battling the endless hurricane known as the College Soccer Recruiting Process.

Who this course is for:

  • Soccer Parents who want to help their student-athletes through the process of recruiting
  • Student-Athletes who want to play collegiate soccer
  • Club or High School Coaches who want to educate their players and families
  • Director of Coaching or Director of Athletics who want to educate their staff and player-pool
  • Club staff looking to be more knowledgeable about the college recruiting process

Course content

5 sections27 lectures55m total length
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  • Your Instructor: Coach Kyle's CBS Orlando News Story
  • Your Instructor: Coach Kyle
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  • 5 Phases of the Recruiting Process: Perspective of a College Coach
  • European Pro Academy Player - Interview - Nik L. and Coach Kyle
  • What is Discussed?


World Class coaches that have developed elite players (NCAA)
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Our DoC's and coaches have worked with and trained high-level players including NAIA goal-scoring machine Savannah J. (All-American Honorable mention), NCAA DI player - Inti A. and players who play for European and South American Pro Academies in APOEL FC (Cyprus) and Juniors (Colombia).

Our staff has also written the college recruiting book - called the College Recruiting Game Plan which can be found on Amazon.

From a player perspective, our very own Coach Kyle has played across all levels of youth soccer from rec, competitive and the DA. While going on to play an NCAA DII Powerhouse at Saint Leo University which was ranked nationally.

He went on to play semi-professional football (soccer), in France, before returning home due to injuries. He was then given the opportunity to play for the US Futbol de Salon (Futsal) Men's National Team at a World Cup Qualifying Tournament, where he scored his first goal and then went to the World Cup and finished 12th in the World as captain.