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Learn the basics of PLC's and create your first PLC program!
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Digital PLC Programming
Ladder Diagrams
Ladder Logic


  • None, but being familiar with electricity helps


In this course, you will gain a solid foundation in PLC programming and ladder logic.

It's no secret that anyone who can put "PLC Programming Experience" on their resume is in HUGE demand. This course is the first step you need to take on the PLC programming journey.

Here's what some of my students who have taken this course had to say:

"This course is a good intro for anyone that has no knowledge of PLCs, or electrical circuits."

-Christian Ramirez

"I went through the three sections of the training and found it very good. I have a lot of experience with Rockwell PLC's and found that your course had a good pace to it. I believe that an inexperienced technician/electrician would get a lot out of this. It is hard to find fault."

-Conor Wallace

Cool huh? I love hearing from my students about the great experiences they're having with PLC Training Academy.

OK, go ahead and sign up now and we'll see you in the course!

Who this course is for:

  • Electricians, Technicians, and curious minds who want to learn PLC Programming

Course content

4 sections13 lectures1h 45m total length
  • Intro to PLC’s: What are they?
  • 1-1: What is a PLC?
  • 1-2: PLC Elements
  • Section 1 Quiz
    4 questions


Sr. Controls Engineer and Instructor
Robert Simons
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Hello, my name is Robert Simons and I am a Sr. Controls Engineer and PLC Programming Instructor. I have been programming PLC's for over 12 years, and most of that time was spent as a system integrator where I programmed and troubleshot just about every PLC, HMI, and Instrumentation equipment out there. I also taught PLC programming at a local university where I have taught dozens of students how to program PLCs.

While working in the field, nearly every time I have a conversation with an electrician or technician, they mention to me how much they would love to learn how to program PLC's. Because of this great need, I created this course on PLC programming. My goal is to create high-quality training material for you, available online, any time, at an affordable price so that you can advance in your career or just be a better you. Either way here's to your success! I'm glad you're here!

-Robert Simons