Intro to Git

A fast and easy guide to version control
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (1,431 ratings)
19,516 students
Intro to Git
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (1,431 ratings)
19,516 students
Track and revise code using Git
Push (upload) code to GitHub
Save yourself, your company, or your clients hours of wasted time and headaches from trying to rebuild after not backing up and tracking your code.


  • You should already be familiar with command line basics (e.g., ls, mkdir, touch, rm, mv, etc.)
  • Sign up for a free c9 account at (message me if you need an invite to bypass the credit card requirement)
  • Sign up for a free GitHub account at

What is this course about?
This course is designed to quickly teach you the fundamentals of git, so you can begin using it in your projects, today. Git is a popular and modern version control software that allows developers to track their code and collaborate with others. When tied in with GitHub, git becomes an even more powerful way to backup your projects and share them on the web.

What kind of materials are included?
The course is made up of video lectures and multiple choice quizzes. The only things you will need are a Cloud 9 account and a GitHub account (both are free). For those who are interested, instructions for installing git locally can be found at the end of the course.

How long will the course take to complete?
On average, it should only take a few hours to watch all of the videos, take the quizzes and implement the commands on your own. However, the pace at which you complete the course is up to you. 

How is the course structured?
The course is divided into a few short sections, each of which contains several video lectures. The video lectures are designed to tackle one or two new commands or concepts at a time, thus making the content easily digestible.

Why take this course?
A lot of the content from this course can be found online for free, but if you're the kind of person who learns better by seeing things in action, then this course is for you. The video lectures are designed to help you learn quickly, without the headache of reading through a lot of documentation. I also support your learning by being available to answer any questions you may have via the Q&A board. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and get started learning git today! If you're unhappy with the course in any way then feel free to contact Udemy for their 30 day money back guarantee.

What students are saying:

"Ian covered all of the basic knowledge of Git functions and the purpose behind them. I now understand the basic concepts of Git and how I can apply them to my future projects via the command line interface. Short. Simple. Straight forward!"

"I'm learning a lot of new stuff easily."

"Concise and to the point. Well explained and great intro to git. Everything required to get started with Git is included in the course."

"The best introductory lessons for those [who] are new to github."

"Simple and easy to follow. Good information on understanding how Git works"

"Awesome! Easy to follow instruction!"

"Ian the instructor for the course explains clearly every step and what one should expect to happen. Very pleased with the course!"

"Easy to understand, and an awesome overview of Git. The branches make more sense now, thank you."

"This is a very well explained course for someone who has no clue about Git or GitHub. Enjoyed the course."

"Very good and easy to follow for beginners. Thanks to Ian again!"

Who this course is for:
  • This Intro to Git course is meant for anyone who has just started programming and is ready to begin tracking changes, backing up, revising, and sharing their code.
7 sections • 30 lectures • 1h 2m total length
  • Introduction
  • Local Installation
  • Git Init
  • Git Add
  • Git Commit
  • Your first commit - Review
  • Section 2 - Practice Exercises
  • Section 2 - Practice Exercise Solutions
  • Section 2 Quiz
  • Adding all files of the same file type
  • Adding all files and folders (including hidden)
  • Removing files from the staging area
  • Ignoring Files and Folders
  • Section 3 - Practice Exercises
  • Section 3 - Practice Exercise Solutions
  • Section 3 Quiz
  • Intro
  • Listing all branches
  • Adding a branch
  • Checking out a branch
  • Removing a branch
  • Branches - Review
  • Section 4 - Practice Exercises
  • Section 4 - Practice Exercise Solutions
  • Section 4 Quiz
  • Checking out commits
  • Section 5 - Practice Exercises
  • Section 5 - Exercise Solutions
  • Intro
  • Connecting to GitHub
  • Adding a remote and pushing to origin
  • Bonus Lecture

Full Stack Developer and Coding Instructor
Ian Schoonover
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Ian has been enveloped in technology since childhood. By age 13 he was building websites and graphics for his online gaming teams. This hobby eventually turned into a profession.

He has taught web development at several popular bootcamps, including General Assembly, Galvanize, iXperience, DevMountain, and Tech Talent South.

Ian truly enjoys helping others learn to code. Feel free to send him a message if you have questions about changing careers or learning a new skill.