Intro to 2D Illustration and Animation

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Design your own image or video cartoon from scratch!
Illustration and Animation in PS5 or newer
Sequencing and Keyframing in Premiere Pro 8.0 or newer


  • Access to Photoshop CS5 or above
  • Access to Premiere Pro 8 or above
  • Basic understanding of Pen Tool use and navigating Photo Shop is a plus
  • Access to a computer capable of handling video editing work
  • Basic understanding of Sequencing / Multitrack programs is a plus
  • Being able to produce your own high quality audio tracks for scoring and voiceover is a plus


From the first time you open a photo / video editor to the final export of your first creation, this class will give you the skills and mindset necessary to move forward in learning how to achieve your creative goals!  This is a 2D Animation course, and yet it involves everything from drawing to production of all types.  These skillsets will carry over into other artforms as well.  I want to help you impress yourself and others!

Who this course is for:

  • My target students range from complete beginners interested in animation to intermediate level students who have done some music or video production sequencing or worked in Photoshop specifically with the Pen Tool

Course content

3 sections12 lectures1h 9m total length
  • Meet Your Teacher!
  • Setup
  • Create Character and Layout canvases
    1 question
  • STROKING - apply your path to a layer via BRUSH
  • Create a very basic PATH and a new LAYER, apply STROKE techniques
    1 question


2D Animator / Illustrator
Zach Smith
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Hey there, I'm Zach. 

I enjoy teaching, drawing, animating, making music, skating, and being creative..   It's my goal to teach everyone I can about 2D illustration and animation, and to have a blast while doing it!  I hope I can impact your life in a positive way and help you realize what you're capable of!