Introduction to System Design Interviews

What are these interviews, why they are so important and how would you go about approaching one.
Students will get an introduction to what they can expect in a system design interview, the types of questions asked in the interview, the programming skills needed and more.
How would you design a recommendation engine ?


  • Software developers with basic programming skills


Any top software firm that can give developers top pay almost always conducts one or two rounds of system design interviews in addition to typical data structure and algorithm interviews.

This free brief course will give students an idea about what they can expect in a system design interview and what all skills they should get in order to crack these interviews. It will also give students a generic template that they can use while facing these interviews.

Who this course is for:

  • Any developer appearing for interviews in startups, big tech firms, fintech etc.
  • Any developer or student interested in understanding system design interviews.

Course content

3 sections20 lectures43m total length
  • Introduction
  • About Me
  • What this short course will cover.
  • What is a System Design Interview, which companies take them.
  • Why you should prepare for these interviews ?
  • System design interview walkthrough
  • Sample Questions
  • Nature of these interviews.
  • Skills needed and how to prepare for them.


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