Play Scarborough Fair on your harmonica now, happy days!
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Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Play Scarborough Fair on your harmonica now, happy days!

Have fun playing this tune instantly, no musical experience needed.You will easily pick it up straight away; GUARANTEED
5.0 (6 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
559 students enrolled
Created by Ben Hewlett
Last updated 8/2015
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What you'll learn
  • play Scarborough Fair like a pro and amaze your friends and family
  • You need nothing for this course - just a harmonica (10 hole diatonic in the key of C)

INSTANT HARMONICA – play Scarborough Fair right now!

If you have a tune that you would like me to teach please message me.

Take this course and play the tune instantly. No musical experience needed.

You will pick it up straight away without needing any music skills. This is easy to play and really fun to learn. You will be proud of your achievements and happy with the results.

'INSTANT HARMONICA' is a new series of courses where you learn one tune per course. You will find it is taught in a friendly and encouraging manner and most importantly is it taught v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y.

Ben Hewlett is a very experienced music teacher who is able to be very patient and methodical. Each lecture will introduce you to the next group of notes – usually just 4 new notes and that's it.

This method is very easy for you to pick up the tunes as they are repeated over and over again until you have got it. You can even re-run the video if you find it useful.

Take one course and learn your favourite tune. The try another. Remember you can always get your money back if you wish but otherwise you have lifetime access to the course.

Imagine how amazing it will feel when you whip out your harmonica and play this tune – your friends and family will carry you shoulder high in triumph. Hopefully they don't carry you out of town and dump you in the river, but hey, swimming's good as well.

The health benefits of playing the harmonica are well documented – google it. Your lungs get exercised, your lung capacity increases, aerobic movement is good for you, playing music makes you smarter they say.

You will have fun on your own and with your friends, and more oxygen to the brain will make you think you are having a good time so it's all good.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for complete beginners; you don't need any musical experience, I'll walk you through the whole thing very slowly step by step. If you are an advanced player you will cover the whole thing very fast and you may find it is too slow for you
Course content
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+ About this course and how to play single notes
2 lectures 05:31

You will hear the whole song and get an idea of what we will be learning and how we will be learning it.

We'll sing it through in the Simon and Garfunkel style with nice long gaps between the lyrics

Singing is probably the best way to learn a song on an instrument

Also have a listen to many versions by as many people as you can find

Preview 03:24

Any course in my INSTANT HARMONICA series needs only two things:

a harmonica (key of C, 10 holes, diatonic)

and the ability to play single notes - but I'll show you how to do that now in this lecture

Make your mouth into the shape you might use if you whistle - it's known as the pucker, pursed lip or kiss shape. Allow your lower lip to drop and push the harmonica in a little; the further it goes in the better it will sound! Relax your lips to let the harmonica in and gradually try to get the shape that gives you a single note.

Some people use a pencil or straw to model the shape you need so try that as well.

I have a bigger course with five lectures on this subject if you want to go deeper - it's called 'INSTANT HARMONICA - how to get single notes in 5 easy steps' so dive in and take that one if you like

The more complicated way is called 'tongue blocking' but I will not go into it here except to say you use your tongue to block the holes to the left (or sometimes the right) side of the hole you want to play. Here's another of my courses that explores the use of the tongue in harmonica playing - 'Killer Harmonica sounds using the tongue and bending notes'

Preview 02:07
+ First line of music
2 lectures 09:37


Grab your C harp and let's go

Starting with the first two notes

Can you find them on your harmonica?

Look at the board if you can't find it

Now the next two notes?

44 66 all breathing in

Most of this tune is breathing in

I play - you play

Count this tune in 3 beats to the bar

Exhale to prepare for a few breathing IN notes

Control the aperture in your lips to get the single note you want

Preview 04:36
Scarborough Fair
1 question

First two bars done

Let's look at finishing off the top line of music

Watch my face to deduce whether I'm breathing in or out

Also whether I'm changing hole or staying in the same place

Last note of the phrase is often the same as the first. It is here.

'Scarborough Fair'
+ Second line of music
2 lectures 11:17

Chorus - or the repetitive bit

Sing it through with the chords

We are in D minor here - actually D 'Dorian'

Can you pick the notes out?

Sounds like 'Smoke on the Water'

Play these three notes 6 DRAW, 7 BLOW, 8 DRAW

Now run through from the top

Bar 5 and 6 - 'Parsley, sage'

Run it through from the top

Now the new notes 7 BLOW, 6 DRAW, 7 DRAW, 6 BLOW, 6 DRAW

Make a smooth transition between notes of the same breath direction (which are next to each other) by continuing to breathe as you change holes.

That's half of it done !

Well done you.

Rosemary and thyme
+ Third line of music
3 lectures 14:28

Halfway through now so let's play from the top with the band.

Just sing the bit we haven't yet done.

Repeat from the top

Feel free to try busking the rest before we learn it

Next bit 'Remember' - 3 notes

Which hole?

IN or OUT?

Can you work it out?


Next part 'Me to one'

Can you find it?


Notice the phrase marks

This helps break up the music into manageable chunks that make sense

Phrase marks are like a conversation or a dialogue to one...

4 notes to learn here

'who lives th-ere'

The tune will just come after a while and you won't think about the hole numbers or breath direction - you'll just play!

Make the last two notes smooth as they are consecutive and the same breath direction

Vibratos - hands, lips, jaw or throat

The throat vibrato is much prized by blues players and you can learn that in some of my courses - the ones with blues in the title is where to look for that stuff

...who lives there
+ Last line of music
2 lectures 15:08

Here's the last line

She (or he) once was a true love a true love of mine

Can you work out the notes yourself?

Let's play it around from the top a few times

Use the track in the download tab and go for it

Well done - you got it done!

She once was a true love of mine
Wrapping up this course